Complete heavy maintenance of SAMRAY trams

The first heavy maintenance of the 10 tramway in the Samsun Light Rail System, which was commissioned at 2010 October 16, will be completed by the end of August.
Some of the operations performed within the scope of heavy maintenance at 200.000 kilometers are:
- Checking, inspection and cleaning of the cables of high voltage equipment (Pantograph, High speed circuit breaker, Traction inverters etc.),
- Inspection, inspection and lubrication of the mechanism plate, worm screw and environmental seal of the doors,
- Emergency functional tests of doors,
- Inspection of the compressor, condensing battery and pipes of the passenger area cooler circuit, making tightness checks,
- Complete control and functional tests of the Hydraulic Brake circuit,
It is performing major maintenance activities such as 143 pieces maintenance and such.
Samulaş Inc. Akın ÜNER, the General Manager, stated that the situation was turned into an opportunity by making heavy maintenance of the trams.
Maintenance of trams; 5000 m2 is a closed area workshop with a crew consisting of 2 Chef (Engineer), 2 Formen and 15 Technician.

Source: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 13:21

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