On the wagon he was driving to take a selfie, he was flooded

He was caught in the current on the wagon he had taken to take a selfie: 16-year-old young who wanted to take a selfie by getting on the freight wagon at the train station in Konya was injured by the electric current.
The incident took place at around 18.00:XNUMX in the central Meram District, Alay Caddesi. High school student Tunahan Ö. Went to the train station with a friend and climbed onto the freight car waiting on the platform to take a selfie.
Touching the high voltage cables passing over the wagon, Tunahan Ö. Fell on the concrete floor by being caught in the current. Police and medical teams were dispatched to the scene upon the notice of the people around. Tunahan Ö. Was taken to Konya Training and Research Hospital after the first intervention at the scene.
Tunahan Ö., Who had burns in a large part of his body, was transferred from here to Gülhane Training and Research Hospital in Ankara. It was stated that Tunahan Ö. Was in danger of life.
The investigating police took a look at the security camera footage in the garage.



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