Kemal Demirel Saying I Want a Railway to Bursa

22 and 23 CHP Bursa deputy Kemal Demirel, made a press statement in front of the construction of the tunnel in the Alaşar area within the scope of the Bilecik-Bursa high-speed train construction. Demirel, 19 January 1997 Harmancık Gökçedağ Railway Station launched in the 'I Want Bursa' campaign today evaluated the situation. During the campaign 43 doing press conferences in the province millions of signatures that collects 250 km walk way, in Parliament he spoke on several occasions and subjects should Ankara as well Demirel stating that all in Turkey kept on the agenda, the first time Kemal Demirel imagination sees those who say, "Here you see the tunnel construction . As soon as the construction ends, Bursalılar ride on the train will be realized in my dream, anda he said. Every year thousands of people died of traffic accidents in Turkey, Demirel to remember that tens of thousands of people were injured, thanks to both financially stressed rail transport would reduce the moral losses.


Mr. Demirel stated that there will be both passenger and cargo leg of Bursa railway. In All Bursa citizens, especially Bursa industry, will win. Located in Bursa huge contribution to Turkey's economy, the contribution of this project will give the money to some extent, "he said. Kemal Demirel thanked everyone who supported him in his struggle for the last time and said kadar We will continue our struggle with determination until the people from Bursa take the train Kemal.



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