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In the renewed project of the cable car, which became the symbol of Bursa and came into service in 1963, the access to the summit will be made by gondola type cable cars used in the Alps. The project, which will cost 40 million Euros, is planned to be completed in 2 years. The new cable car project, which was put out to tender by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with the build-operate-transfer model, was started. tender kazanAfter delivering the site to Şentürkler İnşaat, the first excavation will be carried out in September.

The total length of the new facility, which will be built in the form of luxury gondola cabins used in the Alps, will be 8.5 kilometers. There are Teferrüç, Kadıyayla, Sarıalan and Hotels Region stations on the line that will start from Teferrüç Quarter where the existing cable car building is located in Yıldırım district and extend to the Hotels Region.

The cable car project is expected to be completed in 2 years. When the project is completed, it will take 22 minutes from the Teleferik district to the ski center. It is estimated that the number of passengers to be transported by cable car will be 3 million people per year.

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