From the General Directorate of TÜLOMSAŞ:
Tender Registration Number: 2012 / 82543
1 - Administration
a) Address: Ahmet Kanatli Cad. 26490 / ESKİŞEHİR
b) Telephone and Fax Number: 0 (222) 224 00 00 (4435-4436) / 225 50 60 - 225 72 72
2 - The nature, type and quantity of the work subject to the tender: 6 items of wagons; The manufacturing materials will be given to our company, according to the technical specifications and pictures, to be subcontracted to companies with EN 15085 certification.
3 - Tender
a) Location: TÜLOMSAŞ Tender Commission Meeting Room
b) Date and time: 12 / 07 / 2012 - Time 15: 00
4 - Our aforementioned purchase has been put out to tender with the Open Tender Method by receiving offers from the Domestic Tenderers, and the documents requested to participate in the tender are specified in the tender document.
5 - The bids must have been submitted to TÜLOMSAŞ General Directorate of Purchasing and Supply until 12:07 on 2012/15/00.
6 - The tender document can be viewed at TÜLOMSAŞ General Directorate, Purchasing and Supply Department. Those who will bid on the tender are required to purchase the tender document and can be obtained from the same address at a price of 100, -TL (including VAT).
7 - Provision for at least% 3 of the proposed price shall be given.
8 - This tender is not subject to the laws numbered 4734 and 4735, excluding penalty and prohibition provisions.

Specification: T11658919_vagon_fason_imalat_ihalesi

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