Kadıköy Kartal Line Project General Information

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Total Route Length: 21.663 m
Total Single Line Tunnel Length: 43.326 m
Connection and Stairway Tunnels
Included Total Tunnel Size: 56.150 m
Total Rail Length: 48.572 m
Number of Stations: 16
Stations: Kadıköy, Ayrılıkçeşme, Acıbadem, Ünalan, Göztepe, Yenisahra, Kozyatağı, Bostancı, Küçükyalı, Maltepe, Nursing Home, Gülsuyu, Esenkent, Hospital / Courthouse, Soğanlık, Kartal
Although the public transport demand on the Asian side of Istanbul has been increasing day by day and the existing roads have been expanded and additional roads have been constructed, traffic jam problems have not been prevented and the search for a radical solution has been started since 1990.
With heavy vehicle traffic KadıköyIt was designed to reduce the load of the D – 100 highway between Kartal and Kartal, to ensure fast and massive passenger transportation on this axis and to accelerate the transportation between the two continents. This line integrates with Marmaray Line at İbrahimağa Station. Same time Kadıköy Sea connection is provided through the station. The first tender was awarded with the projects prepared for this purpose and the first construction works contract was signed in 2005.
Considering factors such as the fact that the D ları 100 highway will be partially closed to traffic, the road will be narrowed due to the section to be allocated to the rail system and the light rail system will not be able to fully respond to the need, in July 2005 decided to build the system completely underground and subway it is given.
Stations will have a platform length of 180 m and 8 metro trains will be moving in the same direction every 2,5 per minute. The system is capable of transporting 70.000 passengers in the same direction within one hour per hour, and it is planned to serve more than one million passengers per day.
Kadıköy- Kartal Metro main line tunnels KadıköyIt was opened between Kozyatağı by using 2 EPB-TBM “Ground Pressure Balanced Tunnel Boring Machine”.
2 pieces CPC N Tunnel Boring Machine ağı was used in the tunnels between Kozyatağı and Kartal. All station platform tunnels and scissor tunnels are constructed with NATM (New Austrian Tunnel Method).
Kadıköy1st Phase Civil Works Between Kartal
Contractor: Yapı Merkezi-Doğuş-Yüksel-Yenigün-Belen Construction Joint Venture
Scope of 1. Kadıköy9 km section between Kozyatagi
Tender price: 139.574.679,63 $ + KDV
2. Discovery Cost: 181.447.083,52 $ + KDV
Tender Date: 30.12.2004
Contract Date: 28.01.2005
Starting Date: 11.02.2005
2012 As of April
Work Amount: 179.494.554 $ + VAT
Duration of Work by Contract: 24 month
Date of Completion: 14.09.2010
Realization% (Physical):% 100
Line Tunnels (Main Tube)
Excavation: 17.528 m.
Main Tunnel% opened:% 100
Opened Total Tunnel Length: 19.560 m. (CPC Total: 12.331 m, NATM Total: 7.229 m.)
KadıköyExcavation started in August 2 with 2007 EPB-TBM machines that are specially manufactured for Kozyatağı. These machines continuously measure the pressure inside the ground and keep this pressure in balance during tunneling, making progress without causing any deformation on the surface and surrounding structures. They are generally used successfully in sections where weak ground conditions are dominant. These machines, which perform all of the grout injection processes between tunnel excavation, concrete lining and ground and tunnel lining automatically, can produce an average of 10 m per day.
the Kozyatağı KadıköyThe first of the two TBM machines, which started excavation in August 2007, was on 11.06.2010 and the second was on 09.07.2010. Kadıköy region has completed its operations by reaching the truss tunnel.
Road tunnels and scissor tunnels are constructed with NATM method and Roadheader and crusher gun Excavators are used. On the roadheads, the tunnel excavation with a swivel head with 150 pieces of nails is made and the excavations are completed by the tunnel workers. With this method the average 1,5 m per day in each tunnel mirror. the tunnel is opened. According to the requirements of the work program, the number of tunnel mirrors is increased and sufficient feed rate is provided.

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