Turkey's first domestic CPCs in Istanbul

Turkey's first indigenous CPC Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbas, Turkey's first drinking water tunnel Tunnel introduced Zeytinburnu drinking water used in the first domestic TBM members of the press.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbas, has introduced Zeytinburnu-Bagcilar built within the scope of Transmission Line job and Turkey's drinking water tunnel which Zeytinburnu drinking water tunnel used in the first domestic TBM to members of the press.

Chairman Kadir Topbas, who visited the tunnel with journalists, said that in the past tunnel excavations were carried out manually and accidents occurred, and later the most recent technology of today's machines was replaced by TBM. "Today we are deploying a really exciting and a very important system for Turkey," Kadir uses the phrase, such as underground factory 95 percent of employees said that Turkey started to be manufactured in Kocaeli of local CPC.

Indicating that the first domestic CPC started to serve in Istanbul, Mayor Topbaş said, m This is very exciting and very meaningful. Now that we can produce technologies ourselves, this is the motto of our development. For this reason, I would like to thank Arcan Makine for producing the TBM machine. Bundan

In 2004, Kadir Topbaş said that he was very excited when he became the first chairman in Barcelona and he saw the TBM machine at 60 meters below the ground and he was very excited about it. “It is very important that we do this technology in our country today. I congratulate those who have contributed again and again. We didn't go out, we got the technology. I hope our work will end in less time with less cost. These CPCs will then be sold out. Istanbul is a very important reference point in the world. Business in the world doing business in Istanbul can easily take. It can also sell easily to the world that gives devices to Istanbul. Istanbul is being closely monitored and we know our sensitivity to get the best job out of our UCLG Presidency. İstanbul

Mayor Topbaş; Zeytinburnu Drinking Water Tunnel 3 thousand 200 meters and 2 meters 60 centimeters in diameter and also covers a great work under the Tram of the Zeytinburnu said. The first drinking water tunnel in Istanbul will be excavated by domestic TBM and will be completed at the end of 2018, and Topbaş stated that the investment will cost 36 million liras.

Topbas, the project is about to end the underground Zeytinburnu Tram, and will soon start the work by explaining that, Zeytinburnu tram and the transportation trouble and gave the good news.

Olmaz There is no arch instrument. No one will see and be disturbed above, but hundreds of people work under the 60 meter for the water supply of Istanbul day and night, N said Topbas. You also make an important contribution to the development of the country. Therefore, we pay attention to use the latest technology in our investments Bu.

Indicating that the direction of rainwater to open tunnels towards the sea in order to stay on the road Topbas, the domestic CPC would make it easier to make these studies cheaper, he said. Topbaş stated that they have made a very serious stream of breeding in Istanbul and they will turn Cendere, Ayamama and Çırpıcı streams into a recreation area that people will love to use with a very different project.

Noting that Istanbul is the largest country in the 124 country of the world and that every job is big in a country scale, Mayor Topbaş, 13 98 billion liras in the year they invested, just as of 2017 16,5 billion liras in the year they came to the state and no financial institution said that there is a day of debts.

developments in Istanbul and Istanbul of Turkey's admiration follow ethics, Topbas said that the samples taken at the international, noted that among the most important projects in the water and wastewater work with transportation and infrastructure. 15 more than a million people have met the need for water, the occupancy rate of the 80 X percent of the water, explaining Topbas, consumed waste water without polluting the nature of the said.

Istanbul, Melen from the 180 kilometers away from the water brought from the Melen Dam construction is also reminiscent of the construction of the dam, said the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will produce hydropower from the dam. Topbas, uz We try to make everything right in every field and to be a model for the world, Top he said.

After his speech, Mayor Kadir Topbaş talked to the TBM machine operator to radio and gave information about the CPC to the press members.


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