Capital metro, Kızılay Esenboğa line is going to tender

The construction of the subway in the capital after the Ministry of Transport, a new rail system is going to the tender next week.
The new rail system will operate between Esenboga Airport and the Red Crescent. The construction of the Esenboğa Rail System and the route to be used will be determined in the project after the tender.
Ministry of Transport, Ankara, not only completed incomplete metro projects, but also planned to undertake projects appeared. In this context, the Ministry for Esenboğa Rail Systems will be auctioned next week. Tender and Ankara city center and Esenboğa Airport to be made between the rail system project will be determined by the company. 15, which has the certificate of competence for the tender, is aimed to enter the company and the common structure.
Following the completion of the project construction tender and the preparation of the project, the construction of the Esenboğa Rail Systems will be made this year.
What's the route?
Esenboğa Airport connects the city center with the metro on which route the project will be made is one of the most important topics of discussion. Accordingly, there is a proposal of EGO under the Anakent Municipality. According to this proposal, the project will have a length of approximately 30 kilometers. The rail system will arrive at Kizilay from Pursaklar-Haskoy, Dışkapı-Ulus route from Esenboğa Airport. It is noted that the cost of this project may be high.
The Ministry of Transport is looking at the project is different. According to this, Esenboğa Rail System will be merged with Keçiören Metro at Dutluk Station. Keçiören Municipality supports this idea. However, the connection with the city center of Keçiören via Ankara will bring the transportation distress to the agenda. If this route is used, a person who wants to go to Esenboga from Kizilay can reach to Tandogan with Ankara, from there to Keçiören Metro and from Dutluk to Esenboğa Rail System. People going to the airport from this route will have to make two transfers.
The Ministry of Transport will decide whether the system will be a light rail, tram or subway project according to current and future passenger capacity on the route.

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