It is not possible to extend Bursaray's flights

A friend who did not want his name to be announced by sending a message to our corner had made a request from BURULAS. In June, 17 briefly wrote, aca BursaRay flights should be extended to 02.00 R.
Acak If the goal is to make it easier for citizens to travel more comfortably, it will be a request from BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy. We have entered the summer season. The weather is almost black around 21.30. The days were getting longer and we started their evening tour. We try to do as much as we can, to participate in social and cultural activities. For this purpose, we should go to summer tariff and extend BursaRay flights to at least 02.00. The weather is dark at 21.30, but the transportation time ends at 24.00. So we have two feet to catch BursaRay. We are miserable on the roads when we miss. Ir
Upon this, the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Press and Public Relations Department came to our corner. In order to inform the locals, I am publishing this statement exactly.
Ayşe Aygör,
Your article titled 'BursaRay flights should be extended to 17 R in your column named saat Söz Hakkı UM published in Yeni Zaman Newspaper dated 06 / 2012 / 02.00 has been examined by related departments.
Bursaray watch is available between 06: 00-24: 00. In special cases such as Bursa Festival, the operation is extended for certain periods. 24: 00: 06: 00: XNUMX: XNUMX provides the maintenance of railway, station, power lines and wagons. Therefore, extension is not possible. Provide your information, we wish you good work.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality
Press and Public Relations Department
Nature Park has a hobo's nest.
Karapınar Neighborhood is one of the most maintenance-free areas of Bursa. We cannot benefit from municipal services sufficiently. In addition to the lack of infrastructure, disinfection and transportation, we have recently experienced an enlightenment problem. Most of the street and street poles are bulbs. But the most important thing is the darkness of our nature park, which is a great blessing for us in this summer heat. There is also lighting problem in this park. This also means security issues. In the evenings we want to cool off in the park, but because of the darkness it is not possible. Because of uncontrolled drunkenness, there was a rotten home. Our request from UEDAŞ to enlighten this park as soon as possible. Because this situation can create an opportunity for bad people. There are still roads in the nature park. The toilets pattern is the microbe slot. Because the water does not flow. I think the garbage has never been collected, so the park is back in the dumps. Mr. Özgen Keskin will do unnecessary work in the name of the service, we can breathe with the family parks, children's gardens. I passed it too, so you could at least restore existing places like the Nature Park.
A reader who does not want his name to be disclosed

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