Altepe: Tram, parking garage and environmental investments, Bursa's leading to the fore, he said

Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe, Turkey Young Businessmen's Association (TUGIAD) Bursa Branch President agreed Baran Steel and board members. Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa ownership point of businessmen from power received stated that they Altepe President, "Tram-storey car parks and environment-related investments, to be featured in Bursa, makes a major contribution to our efforts to be a brand in Turkey." He said.
President Altepe, Bursa is a city of production and industry, the city is out of the industry with the intense efforts to bring forward. Mayor Altepe stated that a city was strengthened by producing, and Bursa could become stronger by producing only. Belirten If you produce, you will be strong. This is all the way around the world. Bursa is strong with its producing companies. Then we have to use our facilities very well. Turkey advantageous in manufacturing, Bursa much more advantageous. Our human resources are complete, our technology is advanced. We need to come to the best positions by evaluating all of our pluses in the best possible way. Tüm
Mayor Altepe stated that they have benefited from the power of the businessmen in the city and they are encouraged by the activities of SİADiks. Ünden We are working for the interests of Bursa. Organizations also give us great encouragement at this point. Even a simple one-storey car park, the tram-related environmental investments also bring Bursa to the fore. Therefore, something small should be done about the city, even if it is small. I think all businessmen should be interested in this matter, even if they believe that everything should be much more beautiful. Bursa has to be at much more advanced levels, in line with our facilities. İmkan
TÜGİAD Bursa Chairman Baran Çelik stated that Bursa is very fortunate to have a mayor who directs the city's investments through a rational and participatory management system. Stating that Bursa has taken a giant step in the international arena with the production of indigenous tramways and a multi-storey car park system, Çelik said,, We are closely following the works of Mayor Altepe. There is a lot of industry in Bursa. We have seen the reflections of this in the production of trams and the parking garage. We witnessed the steps that could not have been taken before and were taken under the leadership of President Altepe. We are very fortunate to have a visionary mayor like you. Siz
Steel, the description of TUGIAD Bursa also referred to the activities, the average age of the 34 170 members and they have the 30 in Bursa in the corporate tax index, they emphasized that they form a slice.
At the end of the visit, President Altepe gave a Bursa knife to Çelik on behalf of TÜGİAD Bursa Board of Directors. Steel also President Altepe, businessmen because of the support given a plate of Iznik tile.


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