New Generation Trams Serve in Moscow

In Moscow, more than a new generation of 80 tram began operating.

Moscow Deputy Mayor Maksim Liskutov said that more than a new generation of Vityaz-M brand 80, the tram has started to work on the routes of the north-east and eastern regions of Moscow.

Mosgortrans, a new generation 80 tram was taken. Trams are currently in the tram store, NE Bauman. He said that he serves six routes to the northeast and east of the capital.

Deputy Mayor 2019'a until the number of such trams in Moscow will reach the number of trams 300.

The new generation Vityaz-M trams started to serve in March 2017 on city routes. Serving only six city routes, more than seven million passengers were announced during the launch of the Trams.

The new generation of trams have six gates, so the landing and exit are faster. 260 passenger and 60 seat capacity. Equipped with trams, climate control system, satellite navigation, CCTV cameras, USB connectors for charging mobile devices.

Source : the haberxnumx.r



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