TCDD's Last Active Land Train Cannot Be Shared

black Train
black Train

TCDD's last active land train has become a favorite of film production companies with tour operators. The last active land train of the Republic of Turkey State Railways has become a favorite of tour operators and film production companies. Renting the land train for tours and filming of steam train enthusiasts, TCDD has earned approximately 1 thousand liras in the last 200 year. Considering the incoming demands, the railways continue to work to increase the number of land trains.

Steam locomotives (black train), which were marked by a period and written folk songs for the sake, were replaced by Diesel Train Sets (DMU) and High Speed ​​Trains (YHT) with the developing technology. While some of the black trains, which were defeated by technology, were scrapped, some were drawn to museums with eternal resting places.

One black train serving within the body of TCDD has become a favorite of film production companies with tour operators in recent years. Tour operators who want to organize a nostalgic trip from home and abroad, apply to TCDD and rent a steam locomotive. Especially the Germans rent land trains and organize tours in Anatolia every year.

Indispensable of historical movies and series

With the growing interest in historical films, production companies are knocking on the door of TCDD for black train. Between 2011 and 2012, the production companies made 5 films with black trains in some parts of their scenes. TCDD was paid approximately 200 thousand TL for the black train rented based on the mileage it made, its duration and the number of wagons behind it. Four other film companies submitted offers to the railways to shoot motion pictures with steam locomotives until September.

Considering the increasing interest, TCDD rolled up its sleeves to increase the number of land trains. The biggest problem in the steam locomotives to be built is the construction of high pressure steam boilers. TCDD officials stated that the cost has increased due to the small number of companies that will make these boilers, and that the number of land trains will increase after the solution of this problem.

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