Time-saving piggy bank, Marmaray

Time-saving piggy bank, Marmaray: Marmaray, 130 carried millions of passengers. Considering that 1 hours are saved for each passenger so far, up to now 130 million hours have been saved.

Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, among the world's most important projects Marmaray'ın, said to carry more than 130 million passengers so far, u Istanbul Bosphorus travel time from one side to another 1 4 minutes to Marmaray with a trip 1 time saving was achieved. X

Yildirim said that, so far 8 times the population of Istanbul, Turkey carrying passengers near the 2 times the population count would not end the country's contribution to the Marmaray.

Emphasizing that Marmaray provides significant time savings for passengers, Yıldırım said that the project has a very positive effect on the reduction of harmful gases released to the environment and the decrease in traffic on the Bosphorus bridges.

  • ”Time-saving piggy bank“

Yildirim, Istanbul Bosphorus travel time from one side to another from the 1 hour to 4 minutes with Marmaray, 1 time saving for each trip was noted that saving time, said:

Dı Marmaray carried 130 million passengers. Considering that 1 hours are saved for each passenger so far, up to now 130 million hours have been saved. This savings is equivalent to 5,5 million days or 15 thousand years. If we assume that the average life in our country is 75 years, 15 is a thousand years, 200 corresponds to the life of man. As a result, Marmaray has saved time as much as human life. People could spend their time in traffic with their families, maybe working, away from stress, happily. This is one of Marmaray's biggest gains. Marmaray is a time-saving piggy bank. Zaman

  • ”In the traffic of the Bosphorus bridges 9 million vehicles have decreased“

Yıldırım said that there were significant decreases in the number of vehicles using the Bosphorus Bridges and Fatih Sultan Mehmet connecting the Asian and European sides of Istanbul with the commencement of the Marmaray. realizing the first time throat bridges traffic 2014 million vehicles were seen to decrease.

Yildirim, the Istanbul suburban line is completed with the Marmaray and the global and regional environment will cause a significant reduction in the amount of air polluting gases that cause adverse effects on the environment, "the amount of greenhouse gases during the first 25 annual operating period, the annual average 115 thousand tons will be reduced," he said.

Marmaray, Kazlicesme and Ayrılıkçeşme reminded that the flights between Lightning, found in the following review:

Ila Istanbul commuter line will be opened next year. When this line is opened, Gebze Halkalı will make passenger transport between. In addition, Konya and Ankara High Speed ​​Trains will be transported to Europe using Marmaray. More importantly, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Iron Silk Road, which we will put into service until the end of the year, will also reach Europe via Marmaray and even via the English Channel. Marmaray is the main backbone of the Iron Silk Road transportation corridor that will extend from Beijing to London. Marmar


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