covered by the Railway Labor Union Agreement, the Chinese will build 7 18 thousand-kilometer high-speed railway line in Turkey

The government is planning to build an 2023 thousand 9 high-speed train line up to 978. Thus, the rail network will be doubled 12 years, and Turkey will be the leader in high-speed trains in Europe.
45-25 billion-dollar part of the projects that cost 30 billion dollars will be provided from China. According to the 'Railway Cooperation Agreement', the Chinese will build the 7 thousand 18 high-speed railway line. The remaining 2 thousand 924 kilometers will be made with equity and external loans.
In the Central Anatolia Region, high-speed train will pass by four cities. The beginning of the Ankara-Konya high-speed train line, even the journey began.
Following this, construction works are going on in Ankara-Sivas line of 468 kilometers. However, the high speed train Yerköy'a 30 kilometers to Yozgat to the city center will be divided, then will continue to Sivas. High speed trains from Ankara or Istanbul will go to Kayseri via Yerköy.
Thus, Ankara-Yozgat 1,5 hour by high-speed train, between Ankara-Kayseri 2 hours will be 30 minutes.
When the railway projects and logistic villages are completed, 2023 is planning to reach 15 in 20 and XNUMX in freight transportation.

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