1000 Km per hour to make the train going quickly

China's breakthroughs in the field of transportation continue at a great pace. The new goal of Chinese engineers is to make a train that can travel at a speed of 1000 per hour.
China, the most populous country in the world, is investing heavily in railways to overcome transportation problems. The importance of electrically driven trains is increasing as the quantity of fossil fuels decreases and prices increase.
The joint project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering means that the concept of public transport can be completely changed by the railway within the country.
According to the report published in Beijing Times, the Chinese engineers work on a train that can travel 1000 miles per hour.
How will it work?
The train will stop at the magnetic field on the rails to achieve these targeted speeds. This way, the train will stand in the air, the friction on the rails will be saved.
However, this is not enough to reach the speed of 1000 km / h, but the train will move in vacuum tubes to prevent air resistance to occur at high speeds.
The cost of the project is estimated to be 200 million Yuan or approximately $ 30 billion.
According to the technology site ShiftDelete.Net, if the speed of the 1000 km / h is reached by this method, the speed record on the railways will be broken. The world's fastest train has the title of JR-Maglev, which can reach 584 km / h in Japan. This vehicle is also filtered over the magnetic rails. (China's Fastest Train)
With the standard rail system, the train that reaches the highest speed is the TGV in France. TGV is able to reach 574,8 km / h per hour.

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