CHP's Sumer Asks Adana's Railway Projects

chpli asked sumer adananin railway projects
chpli asked sumer adananin railway projects

Adana deputy with the CHP Sumer, TCDD accounts discussed in the KIT Commission meeting in Adana, the neighborhood passed through the neighborhood of the people's life and property security, which is very closely related to the issue of railroad, especially in the Yeşiloba neighborhood has brought the demand for the passage of the public on the agenda of the commission. Sümer, the location of Adana in the High Speed ​​Train Project and the Mersin-Adana 3. and 4. He also asked for information about the latest situation of the construction of the line. Sumer's demands are expected to respond within 15 days.

CHP Group Member of the Board of Directors and Adana Deputy, Orhan Sümer, Member of the Public Economic Enterprises Commission (KİT), raised the problems related to railways in Adana and asked the last stage of Adana's high-speed train.

State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate of 2015-2016 years, the accounts were examined at the KIT Commission meeting. TCDD brought the demands and suggestions of the citizens living in Adana to the agenda.

Especially in Mersin, Tarsus and Adana, where the densely settled neighborhoods, the railroad brings significant risks for the life and property safety of the people and reminding the importance of level crossings in this respect. Alar This issue is very important in Adana. I'd like to point out that we're standing on it with precision. In particular, the problem of the Green Zone in the 46018 street must be solved. In order to make the pedestrian underpass for the railway crossing, our district headman also has a demand, and I would like to fulfill this demand and ensure the safety of life and property of our people. Demiryolu

The Mersin-Adana 4 Line Railway Project was also expressed in his speech by Sümer, N 3 from Mersin to Adana. And 4. physical realization of the line construction work, Adana-Toprakkale railway construction work between the rates of realization, fizik he asked. For this project, Sümer asked to explain how much the expenditure has been made so far and asked to respond to the question zaman When will the Mersin-Adana-Osmaniye-Gaziantep high-speed project be completed and when will the official opening be made? Olduğun.

CHP Adana deputy Orhan Sumer at the KIT Commission meeting, the concrete information requested by the demands of Adana in 15 within the day to be answered and the public by the public need to be shared.

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