THY can be saved by Transmar

Architect, Engineer and Urban Planner Prof. Dr. Ahmet Vefik Alp talked about the project named “Transmar” that will relieve Atatürk Airport traffic and the troubles THY suffer. Composed of auto-rail and floating viaduct, the project aims to reduce the baggage transfer between Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen Airports to 15 minutes.
Professor of Architecture and Urban Planner, who was nominated for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for a period. Dr. Ahmet Vefik Alp shared a very remarkable project for the resolution of air and land traffic in the city by public vote. Alp birinci Turkish Airlines, which we proudly witnessed its rise in recent years, disappointed us in taking the first place in delays and cancellations. The reason for this situation, which overshadows the success of Turkish Airlines, was the throwing of the towel under the heavy flight traffic of Atatürk Airport. The solution is projected to be the third airport in the Silivri region. However, Silivri Istanbul 80 miles away. Even if there is a big airport here, the importance of Atatürk Havailman will continue to increase. THY will relax the initiative between Sabiha Gokcen Airport and AHL an express transfer link between the sea to be built rahat he said.
This will serve the purpose of Pendik Yesilköy Auto-Ray Floating Viadük TRANSMAR'ın 13 for years, drawing attention to the Alp, said: to transfer the passenger and baggage transfer between AHL and SGHL to 15 minutes. I announced TRANSMAR in 1999 when he was a candidate for president of Istanbul. Since then, Turkish and foreign experts have worked on the project. ITU Faculty of Shipbuilding and Marine Sciences Dr. The science delegation led by Yücel Odabaşı prepared the engineering of TRANSMAR, made the preliminary inspections and calculations, built the simulation model, tested it in the experimental pool, wrote the reports and gave technical visas. The project received approval from the international science platform, entered the literature, took part in national and foreign press many times, and was presented to the world scientific community in congresses. Da It will be presented at the Le Vie Dei Mercanti International Forum in Italy next June. Ön
Alp, '50 km Sea in the total of 80 kilometers TRANSMAR project of Istanbul's two airports between the transfer of passengers and baggage transfer to the 15 minutes to take the shuttle. This lead train can reach a speed of about 300 km per hour and is driven by non-polluting magnetic motors. In this way, a group of flights at Atatürk Airport, which is overpowered, is given to Sabiha Gökçen and the traffic is relieved and delays and cancellations are eliminated. The passenger who transfers between the two airports does not see the baggage at all, the luggage is automatically switching, İki he said.
Project Price 4 BILLION DOLLAR
TRANSMAR starts from the Olympic Village on the European Side, meets with TEM, passes the tunnel into the tunnel, connects with the Marmaray Metro, goes under the AHL and goes out to sea. When the depth increases, the 25 m is floating above the floating feet.
Throat opening up to 65 m. Here 1 has 2 fixed feet that carries the 3 span large bridge with er km. Kınalı Island landed on the back of the service and rescue stations are located here. Again as a floating viaduct 25 meter increasingly going to the land between Kartal-Pendik, Marmaray again crosses, underneath the substructure through the tunnel passes to the Sabiha Gokcen Airport, where again meets the TEM-Formula-1 area extends. Approximately 150 thousand vehicles over the floating viyaaduk 'bypass' Istanbul. TRANSMAR will also go 3, the arrival 3 will be the total 6 road lane, vehicles will be able to travel at 100 km / h. The project 2 ends in the year and costs around 4 billion US Dollars, 15 pays for itself annually. In similar projects, return is calculated as 30-40 years.
Transit transports heavy vehicles and environmental traffic out of the city,
Support for urban transport is integrated with the rail system.
It does not allow for the rent, does not trigger land speculation,
Crooked construction and squat does not give the challenge,
Does not threaten water basins, does not harm the green forest,
Does not touch the historical and natural texture of the Bosphorus,
Expropriation, destruction does not cause, cost is running out.
Because it does not have the foundations, it can be done quickly, not affected by the earthquake,
If we take the Olympics, the Olympic Village relieves transportation.
He's doping underwater.
TRANSMAR's similar projects are very common in the world.
Chesapeake, on the 37 mile from Norfolk, Denmark, Sweden, Sweden, 17 km Oresund, S.
King Fahd Causeway of Arabia-Bahrain between 25 km
13 km Confineration Bridge connecting to the island, 17 km in Tokyo Bay
Aqualine, 17 km in Lisbon at Vasco De Gama, Malaysia at 14 km Penang, Rio de
In Xantho, 14, China, 33 km Donghai, 36 km Hangzhou, 42 km
Jiaozhou will connect Germany with Denmark, which is in the project phase, 20 km
Fehrman, 40 km Qatar-Bahrain and 50 km Hong Kong -Macau important water passages.

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