From MARKA to TÜVASAŞ General Manager

East Marmara Development Agency (BRAND) Secretary General Erkan Ayan, Turkey Wagon Industry Co. (TÜVASAŞ) General Manager İbrahim Ertiryaki; he discussed railroad industry, exportation of the sector and regional developments.
Development Agency Secretary General Erkan Ayan visited TÜVASAŞ General Manager İbrahim Ertiryaki in his office. During the visit, TÜVASAŞ 'new product studies, especially in Europe and the Middle East, exports and work towards the domestic market came to the fore, General Manager Ertiryaki, world-class production structure has gained a serious demand from abroad TÜVASAŞ said. Emphasizing the developments in the domestic market, General Manager Ertiryaki stated that they have achieved a high level of efficiency in their collaborations, they have developed new products with these partnerships and they are continuing their activities in this direction. He said TÜVASAŞ's will continue to increase in the last period of his breakthrough Ertirya General Manager, the new steps to be taken by Turkey wagon manufacturing sector for the development of organizations said that they wanted to bring to an important point in the world. General Secretary Ayan stated that they are proud to follow the development of TÜVASAŞ and that the wagon industry, which has the potential to be one of the driving sectors of the Eastern Marmara Region, will reach the targeted point with visional projects. TÜVASAŞ has a side industry in the whole region and gives jobs to many different sectors. The Secretary General Ayan emphasized the importance of the works that will be carried out by MARKA and TÜVASAŞ with the aim of producing projects for the development of the wagon manufacturing sector and giving the sector the right place in the regional planning.

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