The Only Solution to Heavy Traffic

The increasing density of residential areas, which are shrinking day by day due to skewed urbanization and unplanned construction, threaten the life of the community and bring about fatal traffic accidents.
Traffic terrorism does not pass every day that dozens of victims all over the country every day, the intensive foreigners in Mersin, the country is affected by the extent of negativity parallel to the country. The society that lacks the public transport culture that is pushed to the edge as a result of the fueling of consumption, pays the price by losing the individuals untimely.
In line with the increase in population, new vehicles are included in the traffic in order to meet the transportation needs imposed by the entire city and the roads and streets lacking the possibility of expansion are no longer sufficient.
City managers, who have an understanding based on their understanding of saving the day away from planning, unfortunately prefer populism instead of thinking forward-looking projects.
About 400 km. Mersin, the coastal strip, between the sea transportation nor the rail system has. Although the project of a project directed to the rail system by the Metropolitan Municipality came to the agenda, it did not take place.
On the other hand, Mustafa Darıcı, who spent his life in minibuses and reached the position of the most successful of the subject, sees the solution of the traffic frustration in the rail system.
Mustafa Darıcı 70 is years old. He is still active in the vehicle recovery branch.
Stressing that the risk is the natural server of the multiplicity, traffic accidents to a large extent unrelated to training, traffic density from east to west, from south to north by installing rail systems can be overcome, he said.
Stating that the drivers do not know enough about their vehicles, Mustafa Darıcı said, en We are still witnessing dozens of traffic accidents every day due to our work. A natural consequence of unplanned clutter. Most of the accidents are caused by lack of education. Once people do not know the tool they use. No matter how horny the horse is, he can't easily throw a good rider over. Perhaps this is a very easy driver's license to increase vehicle use; this is not true. Also, the drivers who are expanding their interests do not concentrate on the traffic. When I go out in the car I integrate with him, I give my attention, so that my wife does not mind if I come. Ben
Stressing that the city is still one of the founders of the two-way public transport service, Darcı also pointed out that the traffic-related measures were not received in time in Mersin which is growing too much. I am one of the founders of Yeni Mahalle and Kurdali lines. I've been driving for years as a driver and owner. I know every tülü of public transport. Mersin's transport is clogged. Because the managers did not take the necessary measures on time. Roads in the same traffic is increasing day by day. From east to west, from south to north, rail system lines should have been established by now. Where the damage is returned, it is still not late; Rail systems should be established between Yenice-Silifke, Mersin-Ayvagediği, Mezitli-Fındık and Erdemli-Toroslar. If this work is started already, chaos are prevented to some extent rather than the future. Because oil prices are climbing day by day; also no energy is infinite. As someone who has spent his life in this business, I see the only way to relieve the traffic on the rail system based on the public transport culture. Ö

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