Rail and signaling systems are changing

75 years, a maintenance work on the rails, said AK Party Central District President Metin Karaduman, on the other hand, said the cost of studies 520 million dollars. President Karaduman said that the number of voyages will increase after the change of the rail system and signalization, and that the last system wagons will have Zonguldak except for the current train and wagons. 'TAMEL ATMA Ceremony was made We have made a statement about the railways in the past days. A groundbreaking ceremony was held in Karabük on Tuesday, with the groundbreaking ceremony of signaling and rail replacement of the railway between Zonguldak and Irmak with the groundbreaking ceremony attended by the Minister of Transport and the Minister for EU Affairs, Egemen Donation. 48 is included in the specification that will be completed in a period of months. BUSINESS 40 WILL BE COMPLETED In the initiative of our ministers was told that the contract will reduce the 40 month to the contractor firm. Approximate cost 520 million dollars, 75 rail systems have been established for the day until now had never seen maintenance. Hopefully in this period, we will work in a way that will suit both the high speed train network and the number of voyages will increase after this rail system and signalization change. Zonguldak will be the last system wagons outside of our current train and wagons. I hope that our citizens and Zonguldak will be good and lucky.

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