Chamber of Engineers Konya Branch President Ali Cinar wanted to modernize the tram

Talking about the projects that the Chamber of Civil Engineers consider important, Çınar said, “The first of these is the tram, it must be modernized according to the present day. In order to see the advancing conjuncture of our Konya, metro works should be started now. Secondly, the new ring road project should be started as soon as possible in order to solve the traffic transportation problem of Konya, which we have expressed on various platforms. Thirdly, the civil airport, the civil air terminal to our city as soon as possible. kazanneeds to be removed. Another issue we care about is that Konya needs to undergo urban transformation. Alaaddin is the center of Konya. Urban transformation is required in the neighborhoods around Alaaddin. Now, it is necessary to organize these regions in accordance with the aesthetics of our developing city.”
At the end of the meeting, MÜSİAD Konya Branch Board Member Ömer Saylık presented a gift to Ali Çınar in his honor.

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