Demolished the School of the History School for the Extension of the Metrobus Line

Metropolitan Road was to the trees to expand.
Metropolitan Municipality demolished the school wall to expand the Metrobus line in Avcılar. The Metropolitan Municipality, which previously closed the tunnel where trillions of liras were spent incorrectly, has now entered the road by entering the meters from the school wall of Sabancı 50. Yıl High School, the most rooted school of Hunters. Metropolitan teams, which destroyed the walls, also damaged cypress trees.
Metropolitan Municipality teams before the school administration wanted to be located in the 120 meter with the protocol received from the garden of the school, although the field did not know. Metropolitan teams now, even without giving notice to the school administrators to break down the garden wall and enter the cause of the great reaction of the parents.
Seeing the school wall collapsed, the parents responded, “The Metropolitan Hunters act as they do their job. Streets take streets, schools parking garages whatever. As if we live in overlord. Nobody makes a sound. Now they have entered the oldest school of Hunters. There will be no green areas for our children. Sabancı 50. Yıl High School Foundation's location. How could he enter? Let Bari take this area completely and give it to Toki. Let's all be comfortable. ”

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