TCDD restores Atatürk's belongings

Great Leader Atatürk and the National Struggle Headquarters of the Commander-in appliances in Ankara Train Station Building was used as housing, Turkey State Railways (TCDD) and Gazi University is being restored with the cooperation.
The "Steering Building", formerly built in 1892, during the construction of the Baghdad Railway, was allocated to Atatürk's long-term command as the Commander-in-Chief headquarters and residence since his arrival in Ankara on 27 December 1919. had witnessed foreign decisions. The negotiations of the agreement with the French in 1920, the signing ceremony, the negotiations on the establishment of the Turkish Grand National Assembly and the celebration of April 1922 as National Sovereignty and Children's Day were taken in this building, while the Great Leader said the famous saying “Domination is unconditional, unconditionally in the nation”. .
Gazi Mustafa Kemal used the second floor of the “Steering Building” as a residence. The "Steering Building" has been serving the public as a museum since 1964. On the second floor of the building, Atatürk's study room, reception room, bedroom, and in the bedroom of Fikriye Hanım, the furniture belonging to Atatürk and Fikriye Hanım are in their original form.
80 is being restored
TCDD and Gazi University Faculty of Fine Arts, Turkey witnessed a significant part of the history and personally used these items by Mrs. mind with Ataturk is restored.
Gazi University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Conservation and Repair of Cultural Heritage Assoc. Dr. Within the scope of the works under the direction of Bekir Eskici, approximately 80 pieces of goods, including the bed, towels, bathrobes, wooden-leather mix furniture, textile products used by Gazi Mustafa Kemal and the bed belonging to Fikriye Hanım, will be handled.
Serap Özdemir, an academician at Gazi University Faculty of Fine Arts, informed the AA correspondent about the works. Özdemir said that they made a preliminary study on the items and that they had started restoration work after that.
“We take out the leather parts of the furniture with great care. We do the cleaning and completion of these. Since the materials are very old, it is necessary to be very sensitive about removing them from furniture and re-installing them after they are restored. Because the things that our ancestors used personally have a great value for this reason. We are trying to transform as much as possible to the state used by Atatürk in the period he used. However, in doing so, we do not completely replace it. We try to complete the missing parts by using the original part, even if there are fragments in leather materials. I hope we will have preserved these items for many more years after this restoration work. For this, periodic maintenance should also be done. We are discussing this issue with TCDD. If they wish, we are ready to provide our support for their periodic maintenance. It's a very honoring job for us. We have emotional moments while doing this very honorable task. We do our job by feeling the spirituality and value within us. These things that our ancestors used personally will be opened to the view of the visitors with a beautiful image they deserve. ”
Stating that the restoration works have been going on for 1 month, Özdemir said, "We have planned to complete it in 3 months in total, but if there is no setback, it may end sooner."

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