Tram line proposal to Bursa FSM Boulevard

Nilüfer Mayor Mustafa Bozbey suggested the construction of a tram line from the Mudanya road to the Carafatma Statue, which will pass through the middle lane of (FSM) Boulevard.
Bozbey, before the first meeting of FSM Business, Food, Beverage and Entertainment Venues Solidarity Association, which was formed by the business owners in FSM Boulevard, held at Leman Kültür Restaurant, said to the AA correspondent that while FSM Boulevard was being built, it was only the Izmir Road. He stated that it was planned like a street connecting Mudanya Road with each other.
Explaining that there have been different developments over time, Bozbey said that after a while, the boulevard quality kazanHe noted that they are working to make the street a better structure. Emphasizing that with the establishment of the FSM Business, Food, Beverage and Entertainment Spaces Solidarity Association, the service bar on the boulevard will rise even higher, Bozbey said:
“The roads, intersections and crossing points that make up the boulevard need to be revised with a completely new understanding. We made a suggestion to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to increase the width of the pavement to at least five meters. We want FSM Boulevard to be a walking street. This is not the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard in our heart. We propose to build a tram line that will pass through the middle lane of FSM Boulevard, from Mudanya road to the Karafatma Statue. Thus, we can reduce the vehicle traffic on the boulevard. Parking problem can be solved with underground car parks. In addition, in order to ensure a mobility in the whole of the boulevard, after some rights regulations regarding the zoning are made, shops related to clothes should also come to this street. "
Association President Neslihan Binbaş stated that the association, which completed its establishment process in April, had nearly thirty members and said, “Our primary goal is to increase the service quality in FSM Boulevard. At the same time, we want to find solutions to the problems experienced by acting together. There is currently a parking problem on the boulevard. "The limited-time parking lot application exhausts the people living here as well as our customers."

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