70 Billion TL Value for Rail System Investments, Domestic Companies Call for Support

Architects and Engineers Kadem Group Vice President sour, 70 billion worth TL rail system that targeted investment, with domestic firms into the realization of this project would remain in Turkey this money, he said.
Kadem Ekşi, Deputy Chairman of the Architects and Engineers Group, visited the Rize Press Center today and shared his ideas about the Ovit Tunnel, which will be laid on 13 May by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Ovit Tunnel Turkey's 'Emerald-ur Ankai' and Sour indicating that a civilization project, "Ovit Black Sea together with the longer tunnel will be mountain ranges ceased to be impassable, 250 kilometers Rize-Erzurum road will be reduced to 200 kilometers. This line, which is closed half of the year, will be available for 365 days throughout the year. The average travel time of 4-5 hours will decrease to 2 hours. This is not only a road that closes between Rize and Erzurum and makes it easier to travel, but it will also become an important road connecting both the north, the south and the Black Sea to Anatolia, and thus connecting Rize Port and North Asia, Eastern Europe. The Ovit Tunnel, the foundation of which will be laid on May 13 with the ceremony that our Prime Minister will attend, will be completed in 411 years with a tender price of 4,5 trillion. Ovit Mountain pass, which is located on the borders of İkizdere district, was generally closed between November and April depending on the snow. The tunnel, which connects the Eastern Black Sea Region to the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions via Erzurum, and which will be built since 2640, will be implemented on Ovit Mountain with an altitude of 1880 meters. Double departure and arrival as 4 lanes and two tunnels will be 14700 XNUMX m long tunnel engineering masterpiece, Turkey's first with this feature, will be the world's third longest tunnel, "he said.
Ekşi pointed out that there was a significant acceleration in transportation in the government period during the government period and reminded that serious investments were also considered on rail systems, and the cost of the new rail systems calculated approximately 600 kilometers was 70 billion TL. Ekşi said, “In the past days, talks were held with China on the subject. However, our country has this technology and opportunities. We have many factories in this area. These projects are supported and foreign firms that outsourced to local companies, if outsourced to local companies 70 billion TL of this country will remain in Turkey, "he said.

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