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With the increasing population of the world every day, Transport and Traffic problems affect people's lives negatively. and air pollution.

Rail transportation systems have an important place in the public transportation area in terms of economic and usage width in the existing transportation vehicles. Developing countries are now transferring a large part of their resources to the rail system area and transferring a large part of their resources here. had to keep up with the development of the age.

High speed and high capacity in rail transportation, high investment in the search for high-technology and production cooperation, the establishment of communication and coordination in these areas is the most important step. many written and visual materials in this field provide the activity.

Here in RAY NEWS: Rail transportation will have eyes, ears, both on the internet and in the field of printed media, a new breath, a new excitement and determination will take its place in the world of press thanks.RAYHABERThis is the first issue of good luck, We are a follower, be a follower

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