Havaray Comes to Istanbul Instead of Minibus

the first havaray
the first havaray

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Topbaş's announcements that 'minibuses will be lifted' brought the agenda to the agenda again. The minibuses are expected to run the apostles to be set up at 8 points.

“We want to insert them into some lines we do Havaray Study with.”

Answering the questions of journalists after the visit of Punjab State Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Topbas said that they wanted them to continue their service in city transportation without adding victims of minibuses, and adding them to the system in places and added: . "

“Don't think the minibus shopkeepers are leaving completely from Istanbul”

Topbaş continued as follows: “Minibus and taxi driver tradesmen trust us. It is their bread boat. There is a certain lifestyle. We do not plan to take away your possibilities in life. We will especially include it in the places where we have havaray work. One of them is a line from Şişhane to Kasımpaşa via Kasımpaşa.

We have tried to include them in the system in order not to victimize the minibus trades there. Likewise in Ataşehir. It may not go off completely, but it may continue at some points. Don't think the minibus shopkeepers are leaving Istanbul completely. ”

“Considered at 8 Points”

The 40 is considered to be near the Havaray line. Bus Co, such as the trades of the minibus shop is planned to operate. Şişhane on Kasımpaşa and Sefaköy Halkalı on the line agenda. Havaray is thought at 8 points. On the Anatolian side, KadıköyIt is stated that the airport can also be connected to the Kartal metro line. - Istanbul.Net

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