Sefaköy-Halkalı- Canceling the tender in Başakşehir Havaray

Alarko Holding's Sefaköy-Halkalı-Başakşehir Havaray Line Construction, Electro-Mechanical, Fine Works and Car Tender tender said in a statement about the tender has been canceled. Alarko 1 had the highest bid for the tender with a billion 292 million TL.

Alarko Holding, Sefaköy-Halkalı-Başakşehir Havaray Line Construction, Electromechanical, Fine Works and Vehicle Procurement on the tender, the paper notified to them today, due to the need for revision of the project in question announced that the tender has been canceled.

In the announcement of the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) of Alsim Alarko Sanayi Tesisleri ve Ticaret A.Ş., the subsidiary of the holding, Alsim Alarko Sanayi Tesisleri ve Ticaret AŞ, was opened by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality European Side Rail System Directorate. Sefaköy-Halkalı-Başakşehir Havaray Line Construction, Electro-Mechanics, Finishing Works and Vehicle Purchase ”is the most economically advantageous bidder, a 10-day objection period has been given against the tender Commission decision, and the company is expected to be invited to sign a contract after the objection period. In the explanation that the bid price (excluding VAT) related to the work in question was TL, it was previously announced to the public, “In the letter of the Contracting Entity that was notified to us today, the tender was canceled due to the need for revision in the project.” expression was used.


Günceleme: 17/12/2018 19:08

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