Will a referendum be held for Istanbul?

button was pressed in istanbul
button was pressed in istanbul

While a group of AKP executives demanded a referendum for Kanal Istanbul, the final decision was made. The ruling party will not go to a referendum.

A group in the AKP and IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu's proposal for a referendum on Canal Istanbul started a new debate.

Neutral News AgencyAccording to Mehtap Gökdemir, the AKP does not take a warm look at the referendum proposal and comments on the subject of Kanal Istanbul: seçim 9 elections including the 2011 elections The President spoke about Kanal Istanbul in every square including the referendum. 9 is the choice we describe it. We made preparations for the General Assembly. At the General Assembly, in which election, the President of the Republic told Kanal Istanbul about the speech in the square and we have information. ”


“Which we're going to ask, how many. Until now, all of the Osmangazi, Marmaray, Eurasia Tunnel, 3rd Bridge, 3rd Airport, mega projects have all met with objection before, and as a result, they have seen great favor in the face of our citizens. Those objections do not have any money before the public ”.


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