İZBAN determines the deficiencies by survey

In order to find out the expectations of the people of İzmir, İZBAN management, which organizes a passenger satisfaction survey at all stations, stated that the aim of the survey is to determine the problems rather than passenger satisfaction.

The first results of the 'We are Listening You' survey, organized by İZBAN at 31 stations to measure the service quality it offers and to learn the expectations of the people of İzmir, show the satisfaction of the passengers. Passenger; IZBAN's questionnaire, which questions questions such as trains, stations, service quality, transfers, number of wagons, information announcements and departure-arrival times, was attended by 5 thousand 20 people in the first place. While 77,7 percent of the passengers using İZBAN every day interpreted the service quality of IZBAN as 'good', the average of those who said 'very good' reached 50,9 percent. 22,8 percent of the passengers said 'It needs improvement' for İZBAN.

While 72,7 percent of the respondents found İZBAN as 'Reliable', 76,5 percent described it as an 'Economic', 69,8 percent as a 'Comfortable' and 60 percent as a 'Fast' public transportation system. . While Izmir residents said 74,2% 'Clean' and 72,8% 'Safe' for İZBAN stations, they gave the waiting areas 'Needs development' with 49,6%. While İZBAN presents a stable graph on direction signs (68,5 percent), information announcements (64,4 percent), number of wagons (60,8 percent) and departure-arrival (57,7 percent), the people of Izmir are assessed for transfer. "It needs improvement", said 43,1 percent.

Thus, the need for the development of the Halkapınar transfer center and the transfer station projects to Hilal were underlined.

IZBAN officials, negativity percentages are more important for us in terms of our goals rather than the positive aspects of the results. For this reason, we evaluated the survey results simultaneously. ”

Source: News Express

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