Fair will be completed in Izmir Monorail Project

Trade Izmir Transportation Issues to be finished Monorail Project: turkey's largest exhibition area, which is fair in Izmir, 11-14 February made between Agriculture and Livestock Fair, the 250 thousand people by the visit, temporary access roads of worth that emerged . The roadway interchange project planned for the solution of the traffic problem is awaiting approval at the Regional Directorate of Highways.
Turkey's largest fairgrounds, fair in Izmir, Turkey's largest agricultural and livestock fair again, 11 - 14 was hosted in February date. This year 198 thousand people visited Agroexpo Eurasia - International Agriculture and Livestock Fair, which was visited by 250 thousand people in the halls of Kültürpark. But especially in the weekend increased visitor traffic caused a complete wrack in the region. Hundreds of vehicles could not enter Izmir, the entrants could not go to the hours. Not only those traveling to Izmir, but also because of the car park on the Peripheral Road, other drivers who use this route have experienced a great distress. Traffic crews cut dozens of parking tickets.
This congestion experienced in the Agriculture and Livestock Fair brought the fear of similar problems in the upcoming events. The largest in Europe, the Marble and Natural Stone Fair in the 23-26 March, reminded the citizens to take measures as soon as possible. In order to solve the traffic problem, it was learned that the studies of the two projects prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality continued. Highways officials Fair Izmir to connect to the Peripheral Road intersection of the Metropolitan Municipality of 2010 and 2011 years, the project was close to the Gaziemir Junction and this did not confirm the grounds that the danger. However, at the final stage of the project, only an intersection link was made at the last moment. The exit was given to Gaziemir road by way of the slums. In March of 2015, it was announced that an agreement was signed with the Highways and the ring road connection project was completed in the last July, and it was revised according to the views of the 2 Regional Directorate of Highways, and it was re-checked and waiting for approval.
Fair is planned to finish the transportation problem in Izmir, the second project was expressed as Monorail. According to the ongoing project, İZBAN's ESBAŞ Station and Fuar İzmir will be built between 2, 3, 3, 2.2 and XNUMX. The XNUMX kilometer monorail system, which will be integrated into İZBAN and will only provide access to the new trade show complex, will run a round-trip double track. The monorail trains to be operated from the vehicle control and maintenance facilities will be driverless, but can be driven manually if necessary. The monorail system, which will work on the beams to be placed on elevated columns, will start from the ESBAŞ station of İZBAN and cut the Akçay Street and continue to parallel Izmir-Gaziemir Junction-ring road parallel to the fair İzmir. Examples are seen in the world's developed urban monorail system, it was announced for the first time established in Izmir in Turkey.

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