Strike at the Door in Izmir Metro and Izmir Tram

Izmir subway and Izmir tramway strike
Izmir subway and Izmir tramway strike

IZBAN strike in Izmir leaves behind 25 day and metro and tram workers are preparing to strike. Demiryol-İş Trade Union may hang a strike decision in both workplaces this week. Describing yesterday's meeting with Koca Kocaoğlu'yla Demiryol-Is Union Izmir branch chairman Huseyin Eryuz, 'Offer to the union, not directly to the workers, our friends refused, no strikes but no decision to strike this week, we can hang a strike decision' he said.

The strike of İZBAN workers in İzmir left the 25 day behind. Izmir Metro and Izmir Tram workers, who are organized in the same trade union with İZBAN workers, are discussing to hang the strike decision.

Hüseyin Eryüz, the Mayor of the Demiryol-İş Union, said: dün Yesterday we met with the Mayor of İzmir Aziz Kocaoğlu in Halkapınar around 15.00. The 25 offer made by Kocaoglu was made to the workers, not to the union. The offer is all-inclusive at the 25 percentage. Our friends did not accept the offer as such. Kocaoglu then 'We made the union offer, they did not accept' he shared a. However, the offer was made to the workers, not to the union. The workers rejected this offer. We had requested an all-inclusive 30.55 percent during the collective bargaining negotiations, this offer is still valid. Our workers expressed their opinion that Kocaoğlu's proposal was not accepted. In such a case, the strike will normally be initiated. However, we have not decided to strike. But this week the strike decision can be hanged. The demand of the workers seems to strike. ”


Kocaoğlu'nun IZBAN workers "conditional" percent 30 offer, the condition of "Metro and tram workers accept 25 percent, IZBAN workers will give 30 percent," he said. However, trade union representatives and workers did not accept Kocaoglu's “conditional offer..


İzmir Metro is a light rail public transportation system that serves at the 3 station between Bornova Evka-17 and Üçkuyular Fahrettin Altay, which connects the city center on the east-west route.

Izmir Tram also operates as two lines. KarşıyakaThe tram that runs between Ataşehir and Alaybey continues its flights between Halkapınar and Fahrettin Altay in Konak. (Source: haber.sol)

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