Summer Trends: Macrame and Raffia Bags

Summer Trends Macrame and Raffia Bags
Summer Trends Macrame and Raffia Bags

Handcrafted products, which were highly preferred in the past, have become a trend again today. Among these trends, handmade macrame and raffia bags are among the products preferred especially in the summer months. People can design these bags themselves as they wish, or they can buy bags that are knitted by someone else.

Many people wonder why macrame and raffia bags, which are among the indispensable complements of summer months, are preferred so much. The reasons why Macrame and Raffia bags are frequently preferred. hobbyist Erkan Tuncelli, the founder of the ropes, explained as follows:

1- Robustness

macrame rope It is one of the threads that come out with the integration of many thin threads. Therefore, it has an extremely thick and solid structure. Same way raffia ip The varieties also have a very solid structure. It is advantageous to use these types of thread in products that are used in daily life such as bags, accessories, hats and can be easily affected by external factors. Macrame and raffia threads are in the first place in bag making, as they are of a type that can carry even heavy products placed in the bag without any stretching and tearing.

2-Wide Range of Patterns and Colors

Raffia and macrame thread types have hundreds of different color and pattern scales. This is an extremely important element especially for the accessories and clothing industry. The fact that there are no restrictions on color and pattern ensures that bags can be produced from any pattern and model.

3-Easy Shaping

Macrame and raffia threads are solid thread types. However, this robustness does not cause any difficulties in taking shape during knitting. The ropes can be easily given the desired shape. This makes it preferred by people because of the easy knitting of the yarns.


In recent years, awareness of nature conservation and substances that do not dissolve in nature for many years has increased. As consumers realize the harm caused by petroleum, plastic and other raw materials in bags produced in mass production and consumers become more conscious, the demand for products made from natural materials has increased. Macrame and raffia threads are natural products that do not contain any additives or chemicals. Therefore, there is no harm to nature. This makes them more preferred in the era of transformation to nature.

5-Hand Labor

The products that people put forth with their own efforts are more valuable. People who want to have bags with a unique design and value have therefore started to prefer hand-knitted products more. The value given to handicrafts, which existed in the past years, has become a trend again today.

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