kucoin referral code

KuCoin Reference Code: QBSSSYXJ

KuCoin, which is the 5th crypto exchange with the highest daily trading volume, is among the first listed cryptocurrencies that are expected to rise. Due to the overvaluation of cryptocurrencies listed on KuCoin [more…]

huobi referral code

Huobi Reference Code: hynz322

The referral code is the code that provides the highest commission discount with 30% for your purchases and sales on the Huobi exchange. In the huobi reference code field located just below the e-mail and password during the subscription, " [more…]

Cyprus Forex Firms

Cyprus Forex Firms

While Forex transactions abroad and over Cyprus are carried out smoothly and unhindered, different applications are offered in investment instruments in Turkey. While forex firms in Cyprus provide services in the global arena, conditions arising from CMB blocking in Turkey [more…]

Children's Fears May Be Normal

Children's Fears Can Be Normal

If you are worried about your child's fears and wonder if his fear is normal, then you should know that; Children experience different fears in every age period. For example; A 1-year-old baby is afraid of strangers. 2 year olds [more…]

Sea Water Quality Increases in Bursa
16 Bursa

Sea Water Quality Increases in Bursa

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented important infrastructure investments so far in order to produce radical solutions to the mucilage problem, which came to the agenda as an environmental disaster in the Marmara Sea last year, has reduced the percentage of domestic wastewater in Bursa. [more…]

Unmanned Underwater Vehicle to be Produced in FabLab
35 Izmir

Unmanned Underwater Vehicle to be Produced at FabLab

FabrikaLab İzmir within the body of FikrimİZ has become a frequent destination for those who are devoted to technological research. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which offers the opportunities in the million-dollar R&D laboratories of large companies to the service of innovative ideas, has increased the number of 3 thousand dollars in just 3 years. [more…]

Kozakta Fights Against Glass Nuts
35 Izmir

The Struggle for Pine Nuts Continues in Kozak

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to work with the Turkish Foresters Association to find a solution to the low yield of pine nuts in Bergama Kozak Plateau. In addition to the effects of the drought due to the climate crisis, experts believe that pine cone absorbers [more…]

Baskent Cultural Road Festival Has Started
06 Ankara

Capital Culture Road Festival Started

Capital Culture Road Festival, organized for the first time, started with a special opening program at Ankara Painting and Sculpture Museum with the participation of Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy. Culture and Tourism Minister Ersoy [more…]

Award to Izmir City Theaters
35 Izmir

8 Awards for İzmir City Theaters!

In the "Anatolia" leg of the 9th International New Theater Magazine Labor and Achievement Awards, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters were awarded in 8 different categories! International Labor and Success by closing the 2021-2022 theater season [more…]