Mercedes EQA Compact and Electric

Mercedes EQA: Compact and Electric

The exciting new member of the all-electric Mercedes-EQ family, EQA, is in Turkey as of May 2022. EQA, which carries the innovative spirit of the brand, offers the driver a different experience thanks to its many features from predictive working strategy to smart assistants. [more…]

Motorcycle Enthusiasts Meet in Torbali
35 Izmir

Motorcycle Enthusiasts Gathered in Torbalı

Torbalı Municipality, together with Torbalı Motorcycle Club, held a very special festival on May 27-28. Thousands of people attended TORMOFEST, which was organized with the participation of many motorcycle clubs and motorcycle lovers from all over Turkey. [more…]

EFES Exercise Will Take Your Breathe

EFES Drill Will Take Your Breathe!

The EFES-2022 Exercise, one of the largest planned exercises of the Turkish Armed Forces, has started. While the exercise started with the first phase of the Computer Aided Command Post Exercise, the actual phase started on 20 May. Doğanbey Shooting Exercise Area [more…]

Torbalida Theater Festival Ends
35 Izmir

Theater Festival Ends in Torbalı

In Torbalı, the center of qualified art, “2. Metropolis Theater Festival ended with enthusiasm yesterday. Thousands of citizens followed the festival, which was organized by Torbalı Municipality and provided unforgettable moments to the residents of the district for 4 days. [more…]

Bilecik Housing TOKI Project Will Be Built
11 Bilecik

A TOKİ Project with 400 Residences to be Built in Bilecik

The Housing Development Administration (TOKİ) continues to provide convenience to those who want to own a house. It has been learned that the TOKİ Project, which was initiated in the Osmaneli district of Bilecik, was included in the investment plan. Osmaneli Municipality, which provided information on the subject, [more…]

NFT Meets with the Art of Ebru
34 Istanbul

NFT Meets Ebru Art

The meeting of yesterday and today, traditional and modern begins at Taksim Art. 'Cryptomarbles', which integrates the art of marbling with NFT (Digital Art), opens its doors to its visitors on May 31st. Taksim Art, a culture and art stop located inside the Taksim Metro, [more…]