Correct Investment Address Binomo

Correct Investment Address: Binomo

Many people who want to start investing choose to postpone their investment plans or not invest due to insecurity. Among the most important reasons for this, only high costs and investment in online investment platforms [more…]

Ankara Themed Game Design Competition Concluded
06 Ankara

Ankara Themed Game Design Competition Concluded

The team, which was selected first in the Digital Game Competition organized in cooperation with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and OSTİM Technical University, introduced their games. At the meeting hosted by ABB, trips were made to Ankara's touristic spots and Ankara's [more…]

Kurtbogazi Dam Caravan Park Visitor Akinina Ugradi
06 Ankara

Kurtbogazi Dam Caravan Park Visitors Flooded

Caravan enthusiasts show great interest in the caravan park opened by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality at Kurtbogazi Dam. Opened by the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş in 2021, all kinds of physical facilities and security are provided. [more…]

New Type Submarines to Join the Turkish Navy Until the Year
41 Kocaeli

2027 New Type Submarines to Join the Turkish Navy by 6

President Erdogan: "While the vital role we play in NATO and other international organizations of which we are members is obvious, we are still talking about lifting the sanctions with some of our allies, in particular, we have no idea that Sweden is currently imposing sanctions against us. [more…]

Influencer Mothers from Izmir Met
35 Izmir

Influencer Mothers from Izmir Met

Mother & Woman influencers from Izmir met for breakfast. “Choco Truf”, spoken with chocolates at the event, won the sponsor seat. At the event, where the influencer mothers of Izmir came together, new projects and advertisements were on the agenda. [more…]