Fethiye paraglider
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Fethiye Paragliding

How about having a perfect Fethiye paragliding experience with Sky Fethiye? You will have the opportunity to have a perfect experience while gliding in the skies of Fethiye, accompanied by a reliable tandem parachute and a professional pilot who guides it. Fethiye and Oludeniz [more…]

Why Has the Frequency of Food Allergies Increased?

Why Has the Frequency of Food Allergies Increased?

prof. Dr. Bülent Enis Şekerel said, “The increase in nut allergies, which is one of the most dangerous food allergies, is caused by cesarean births, decreased use of breast milk in infant feeding, excessive efforts to live hygienically, excessive use of antibiotics, Western [more…]

You Choose Your View With Citroen Jumper Enjoy Sur

Choose Your Scenery With Citroen Jumper, Enjoy

Citroën, which has become a reference in comfort, offers its customers a completely different level of comfort with a brand new concept. Consumers who purchase the Jumper model from authorized Citroën dealers can effortlessly transform the Jumper model into a caravan. [more…]

Signatures Have Been Made for the Chemistry Technology Center
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Signatures for the Chemical Technology Center

A critical move has come in the field of chemistry, which is one of the leading sectors of Turkey's exports. Chemistry Technology, which will meet the test and analysis needs of the sector with domestic and national resources and create a new generation ecosystem [more…]