TOTAL Stations, M Oil and Milangaz at Petroleum Istanbul 2022 Fair

TOTAL Stations at M Oil and Milangaz Petroleum Istanbul Fair
TOTAL Stations, M Oil and Milangaz at Petroleum Istanbul 2022 Fair

Petroleum Istanbul Fair, one of the most important events of the energy sector, took place between 31 March and 2 April. The fair, which started with the opening speeches at Istanbul TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center, brought together more than 300 private sector and public institutions related to energy, especially the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and EMRA. TOTAL Stations, M Oil and Milangaz, which are part of the OYAK Group of Companies, hosted their visitors in their booth areas. Brand representatives told the visitors about the latest technologies, new products and the services they offer at the stations.

On the first day of the fair, approximately 300 jerseys signed by the players of the National Basketball Women's and Men's Teams, of which TOTAL Stations are the main sponsor, were presented to the visitors. There was also a three-dimensional reality stand specially designed for visitors at the fair. The participants, who entered a three-dimensional basketball court with VR glasses, collected as many points as the number of baskets they made in this virtual area. Club TOTAL membership was made and gift points were given to the participants who reached the target points and had a pleasant time.

Bringing Bonjour Market, Gloria Jeans, Bi'Beautiful Tastes concepts to their stand, TOTAL Stations offer their visitors a real station experience, together with M Oil and Milangaz brands, with the concept of “Energizing Tastes from Anatolia”, hot and cold snacks and snacks special to seven regions. entertained with a menu of drinks.

Taking part in the fair with its renewed structure and young, dynamic and environmentally friendly brand identity, Milangaz highlighted its new station corporate identity in the autogas segment, while exhibiting innovative energy solutions for consumer needs in the cylinder gas and bulk gas segments.

“We are directing the sector with all stakeholders at the fair”

Stating that the fair is shaping the energy sector, OYAK Energy Sector Group President Yüksel Yılmaz said, “We met with our visitors by participating in the Petroleum Fair with our TOTAL Stations, M Oil and Milangaz brands. In this fair, which is one of the most important organizations in the world in terms of the sector and sets an example, we had the opportunity to evaluate new technologies, developments and transformations by meeting with all our stakeholders. We shared our knowledge and experience on what can be done in our sector, which aims to reduce its carbon footprint to zero, from new technologies with electric and alternative fuels to making renewable energy sources sustainable. Petroleum Fair also has the feature of being a platform where new road maps are drawn. I am pleased to have gathered under the same roof with the valuable representatives of the public and private sectors on this platform, where we evaluate the future of our sector.” said.

“As TOTAL Stations, we are excited to be on the verge of an important transformation in our 30th year in Turkey”

Stating that the fair has an important place in the sector as it provides the opportunity to develop new solutions and establish high-level cooperation, Güzel Enerji Akaryakıt A.Ş. General Manager Tolga Işıltan said, “As Güzel Enerji Akaryakıt, we took part in the fair with our TOTAL and M Oil brands and hosted our visitors and business partners from all over the country. This year the fair has a special meaning for us, we are celebrating TOTAL's 30th year in Turkey. Our brand, which has been serving in our country for 30 years, is also experiencing a significant transformation this year. With this transformation, in the new era, we are starting to offer inclusive and multi-layered services that take into account the needs of the age, including bio-fuel, sustainable energy sources, hydrogen and electrical energy, as well as fuel oil. In the coming days, we will undertake new generation studies for access to safe, reliable, clean and cost-effective energy in this direction. We will move forward with determined steps that will contribute to our world, our country and our environment.” said.

Milangaz met with its visitors with its renewed logo and corporate identity.

Milangaz, which has renewed its logo and corporate identity on the way to become a young, dynamic and consumer-friendly brand in the past months, also took its place at the fair. Expressing their happiness at participating in Petroleum Istanbul, one of the most important events in the energy sector, Milangaz General Manager Armanç Ekinci said, “Our renewed structure, our new logo and "Milangaz is next to you, everything is fine!" With our motto, we started 2022 with much more energetic and determined steps. Last year, as Milangaz, we made a strong entry into the sector with our new management approach. This year, we set goals to produce quality and reliable energy solutions for customer needs, while continuing operational improvements. We plan to be the leading company by creating new usage areas in the cylinder and bulk LPG segment, which is an efficient and environmentally friendly energy solution from the most mobile energy sources. We will continue to develop reliable, fast and competitive products in line with the needs of our customers.” said.

The International Petroleum, LPG, Mineral Oil, Equipment and Technologies Fair Petroleum 1997, the first of which was held in 2022, is being held for the 15th time this year. The fair is also an important cooperation platform for national, regional and international energy companies.

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