German and English Learning Course
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German and English Learning Course

Welcome if you are looking for a German and English learning course. The importance of English is increasing day by day and it is becoming the most spoken language in the world. Second in English in politics, economy, sports and religion [more…]

Road Construction Works In Progress In Anamurda
33 Mersin

Road Construction Works Continue in Anamur

The Metropolitan Municipality also brings together the neighborhood roads in the furthest points of Mersin with asphalt, facilitating the transportation of citizens. One of the distant districts where the teams of the Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department worked was Anamur. [more…]

Ecological Corridors will be mapped

Ecological Corridors will be mapped

The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change will implement the project, which includes field work to draw the boundaries of ecological corridors that will connect the protected areas in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Eastern Anatolia. “Aegean, Mediterranean and [more…]

Velvet Gloves of the Gendarmerie Topkapi Palace
34 Istanbul

Velvet Gloves of the Gendarmerie: Topkapi Palace

Although we often hear their names in security-related issues, especially in the fight against terrorism, the Gendarmerie General Command personnel also undertake duties in different fields. TRT Haber is at Topkapı Palace in the first episode of its 'Velvet gloves' series. [more…]

First Plane Lands at Rize-Artvin Airport
53 Rize

Rize-Artvin Airport Opens After the Holiday

President Erdoğan announced that they will open the Rize-Artvin Airport after the Ramadan Feast. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who was in front of the cameras after the cabinet meeting, made last-minute statements. Making important assessments on the agenda, the President [more…]

Amazons and Titans Art Meeting Begins
35 Izmir

Amazons and Titans Art Meeting Begins

The International Amazons and Titans Art Meeting, which will be held for the third time this year in cooperation with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the International Union of Activist Artists, will meet with art lovers from Izmir on April 15-16. Turkey's master artists and [more…]