Otokar Service Days Campaign Has Started

Otokar Service Days Campaign Has Started

The first 'Service Days' campaign of this year, which is eagerly awaited by commercial vehicle owners of Otokar, Turkey's leading automotive manufacturer, begins. Within the scope of the campaign, which started on April 25, commercial vehicle owners, labor, spare parts, periodic [more…]

Yacht Tourism will also rise

Yacht Tourism Will Rise in 2022

With the approach of summer, vacation plans begin. Aegean and Mediterranean beaches are the first address of holidaymakers who count the days to meet the sun after a long winter. Tourism professionals to charter yachts this summer [more…]

Mat Ceramic Exhibition Opened in Eskisehir
26 Eskisehir

Mat Ceramic Exhibition Opened in Eskişehir

The Mat Ceramic Exhibition, consisting of works by Ceramic Artist Canan Güneş, was opened at Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality City Museums Complex. Eskişehir continues to host art and artists. One of the works of Ceramic Artist Canan Güneş [more…]

ANFA Office Lease Tender

ANFA 96 Workplace Rental Tender

ANFA General Directorate is going out to tender for 96 rental workplaces owned by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Immovables in Ulus İş Hanı and Anafartalar Bazaar can be rented with an open bid method. [more…]

Flavor from the Cave Divle Cavernous Cheese
70 Karaman

Flavor from the Cave: Divle Obruk Cheese

The Ministry of Industry and Technology implements projects that focus on regional development. One of the projects that touches every aspect of life, from tourism to agriculture, from transportation to the environment, was realized in Karaman. Only one called "Obruk" [more…]

Otokar Introduced Ton-Ton Atlas Truck
16 Bursa

Otokar Introduced 12-Ton Atlas Truck

One of the Koç Group companies, Otokar is expanding its truck family. Bringing a breath of fresh air to the light truck segment with Atlas, which was put up for sale in 2013 to ease the burden of trade, Otokar has asserted its claim in the sector with the family's 12-tonne truck. [more…]