Akbas Chaired the Railroad Tuesdays Meeting
06 Ankara

Akbaş Chaired the 'Railroad Tuesdays' Meeting

The International Union of Railways (UIC) Middle East Regional Board (RAME) held the “Railroad Tuesdays” Meeting by teleconference. At the meeting, which started with the opening speech of TCDD General Manager and RAME President Metin Akbaş, UIC Passenger Director and RAME [more…]

Home Account Statement from President Erdogan
06 Ankara

Yuvam Account Statement by President Erdogan

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made important statements regarding the agenda at the AK Party Parliamentary Group Meeting. President Erdoğan said, “These savings accounts, which we call Yuvam, are set up differently from foreign workers' remittances. [more…]

IGA Istanbul Airport Becomes the Official Host of Routes World
34 Istanbul

Routes World 2023 will be hosted by İGA

Strengthening its position as the most important global hub of the region with its infrastructure, technology and high-level travel experience, IGA Istanbul Airport, TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism General Directorate of Promotion and [more…]

Tips for Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy

9 Tips for Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy

Nutrition during pregnancy is much more important than nutrition in other periods in order for the baby to be born healthy and for the mother to continue her life in a healthy way. The only source of nutrition for the baby is the food consumed by the mother. [more…]

The Problems of the Novels Have Been Discussed
34 Istanbul

The Problems of the Novels were Discussed

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) listens to every segment of society without discrimination. Yavuz Saltık, Head of the Office of the Head of Mukhtarship of IMM, who came together with the Roman citizens, listened to the problems of the novels and said that IMM did not make any distinctions. [more…]

Transport Engineering Introduced
77 Yalova

Transport Engineering Introduced

An introductory meeting of the Transportation Engineering department, which continues its education and training activities as a unique department in Turkey, was held in Yalova. Yalova University, which continues its education and training activities as the first and only in Turkey, [more…]

Emirates Increases Global Operations
971 United Arab Emirates

Emirates Increases Global Flight Network

Emirates; It has announced that it will accelerate its global operations by restarting flights to four destinations, including Bali (May 1), London Stansted (August 1), Rio de Janeiro (November 2) and Buenos Aires (November 2). [more…]

Growth Oriented Marketing What is Growth Marketing

What is Growth Marketing?

Bringing an initiative to life is one of the biggest steps in the adventure of success; however, the strategies to be implemented in the growth journey are more critical. Enterprises whose destination is long-term, sustainable and measurable growth [more…]