Beware of This Most Commonly Seen Agri

Beware of These 4 Most Common Pains!

Pain that occurs at any time throughout life makes daily life difficult. So what are the most common pains? Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Associate Professor Ahmet İnanır gave important information on the subject. WAIST [more…]

how to save electricity
Guest Post

How to Save Electricity?

There are many ways to save electricity. One of these methods is to turn off the electricity when it is not needed. But electricity savings can also be made using electricity. The important point in saving electricity, [more…]

Imamoglu Speaks at the Faith Table Iftar
34 Istanbul

İmamoğlu Speaks at the Faith Table Iftar

İBB Faith Desk brought together representatives of non-governmental organizations serving in the cultural and religious fields, publishers and devout opinion leaders at the iftar invitation. Speaking at the fast-breaking meal, İmamoğlu said, “We are not trying to separate ourselves as a society, but at the same table. [more…]

Nisan Metro Departs in Baskent Ankara
06 Ankara

23 April Metro Departs in Capital Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality announced that the 25-year-old Bombardier train will travel on the Red Crescent and Koru Sitesi line on April 23, National Sovereignty and Children's Day. By Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB), General Directorate of Ego [more…]

Istanbul Metro and Trams Are Equipped with Flags
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Metros and Trams Are Equipped with Flags

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality decorated its subways with decorations that take everyone back to their primary school years for the April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day. Beginning to be celebrated since 1921 with the opening of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, in the following years [more…]