European Mobility Week Continues with Cycling Talk

european mobility week continues with bike show
european mobility week continues with bike show

At the talk on “Safe Cycling in Traffic” held at Selçuk Efes Urban Memory as part of the September 16-22 European Mobility Week, Attorney Didem Altınel, Adnan Barım and Ayşe Barım, who toured 54 cities on his bike, and Ali Kantarcı, who toured 81 cities on his bike, shared their knowledge and experiences with the participants.


Adnan Barım stated in the interview that he has made cycling a way of life for 10 years; “I have been cycling since my childhood, but I started cycling actively 10 years ago. I especially liked to ride a bike in the mountains, where we are in touch with nature. First, we started cycling on Sundays with my close friends. Then we formed a team with cyclists in Selçuk. We started to go to more distant places, to the surrounding provinces. Cycling not only liberates your soul, but also gives you new friendships," he said. Adnan Barım also underlined that those who want to use a bicycle should not leave their helmets, glasses and spare tires with them for a good and safe ride.

Ayşe Barım, another name who makes cycling a lifestyle in Ephesus Selçuk, stated that she enjoys cycling; “As a cyclist in traffic, you have to ensure your own safety first. "I obey all the rules like a vehicle driver," he said.

Lawyer Didem Altınel stated that legal arrangements were made with the bicycle becoming a means of transportation; “First of all, it should not be forgotten that the bicycle is a means of transportation like any other vehicle. Cyclists should also be respected in traffic. With the law, age restrictions have also been introduced for the use of bicycles. The age of use of bicycles on highways is stated as 11. If there is no road reserved for cyclists, the right lane should be used.”

Ali Kantarcı, who traveled through 81 cities by bicycle, mentioned the importance of time for traveling by bicycle; “We even went abroad with 81 cities by bicycle. Discipline is very important in tours. We stay early in the morning. We set up tents wherever we go. We also have a chance to get to know nature. We also know wildlife. We are making new friends,” he said.

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