7-Seat Family Car Dacia Jogger Redesigned

dacia jogger family car redesigned
dacia jogger family car redesigned

Dacia Jogger is the fourth pillar of Dacia's product strategy. Following the small, all-electric city car Spring, the compact Sandero and the SUV-class Duster, Dacia is now renewing its family car with a 7-seater model. With a name that evokes sports, outdoor spirit and positive energy, Dacia Jogger helps carry the brand's new identity forward. The introduction of the new model is part of Dacia's plan to renew its product line. The brand will introduce two more new models to the market by 2025. A true Dacia in every way, the Jogger offers the best price-to-size ratio and functionality of a versatile car. Dacia Jogger stands out as a long-term companion that accompanies the daily lives of families who want to get away from the city.

Dacia CEO Denis Le Vot stated that Dacia reshaped the concept of a 7-seater family vehicle with its new model, “This new and versatile model represents the brand's lifestyle that is always ready for adventure. Our new model is an example of Dacia's commitment to making transportation accessible to everyone, including large families. The Dacia Jogger will also be Dacia's first hybrid model.”


Dacia Jogger draws attention with its wide front grille unique to the Dacia brand, wide fenders extending to the corners and a horizontal engine hood that is animated by design details. Mudguard wheels and a rear spoiler complete the dynamic look. The prominent shoulder line strengthens the stance on the road. With its roof rails and high ground clearance (200 mm), Dacia Jogger presents an adventurous look that is compatible with all road surfaces.

The headlights and taillights feature Dacia's new Y-shaped light signature. LED technology is used in the front daytime running lights and dipped beam headlights. Not only does it use less energy, LED technology also provides better visibility and better visibility both day and night.

In some versions, the Dacia Jogger is equipped with modular roof rails that transform in just a few steps. Roof rack rails function as a carrier that can carry up to 80 kg (bikes, skis, roof racks, etc.). The patented system reflecting the Dacia spirit: it stands out with its smart, practical, simple and economical features.

In addition to the fender protection that stands out with its strong appearance, the Jogger has unique design and perforated shaped wheels. There are also diamond-cut alloy wheels. Door handles attract attention with their stylish and ergonomic design. The power tailgate button is hidden under the rear panel trim for a convenient and aesthetically elegant look.


Dacia Jogger offers ample living space and versatility that facilitates the daily life of families. 24 liters of storage space in the front, in the middle and even in the back offers comfortable use for everyone.

In order to improve the quality perception of the vehicles in the upper trim levels, a textile strip was added along the front panel. Driving components such as the instrument cluster or the infotainment screen are located above this strip. Easy-to-access air conditioning and driving assist controls are located underneath. The same fabric is also featured on the front door armrests.

Some versions have folding tables and cup holders for 2nd row passengers. Tables extend by 70mm to meet the needs of different passengers. There are also two ISOFIX anchor points on the 2nd row seats. The two passengers in the 3rd row are offered two independent seats, armrests, butterfly type side windows for better visibility and spaciousness. Openable butterfly windows provide natural ventilation of the passenger. In the 7-seat version, a separate ceiling lamp is offered for each row of seats. Seat height (+1 mm between rows 2 and 55; +2 mm between rows 3 and 25) means even more comfort in the rear seats.

Dacia Jogger offers an advanced level of functionality with a total of 24 liters of storage space spread throughout the vehicle. Basic storage areas; It consists of a 7-liter glove box, front and rear door pockets, each suitable for a 1-liter bottle, a 1,3-liter closed center console and six cup holders.


For the launch of the Jogger, Dacia will present a limited edition special edition under the name Extreme. This version; It will be available in five body colors: Pearl Black, Slate Grey, Moonstone Grey, Glacier White and the launch color Terracotta Brown.

In exterior design; black roof rails, mirrors, alloy wheels and shark fin antenna draw attention. Front and rear under bumper trims in Megalith Gray provide additional contrast. The Extreme special edition has name stickers on the front and rims and special protective strips on the door sill.

Red stitching on the seats and chrome trim on the front door panels increase the perception of quality in the interior. In fully equipped versions; reversing camera, climate control and hands-free switch.


Dacia Jogger offers seating for up to 7 people over three rows of seats. It has been designed to be a truly versatile tool, with over 60 possible configurations of use. Dacia Jogger meets all the needs of families whose needs may change from day to day.

In the 2nd row, there are three seats that can be folded at the rate of 2/3-1/3, and in the 3rd row, there are two folding seats that can be removed when necessary. Dacia Jogger offers luggage capacity of up to 1.819 liters VDA with the seats folded down

The 5-seater version offers 708 liters of VDA (up to the top of the backrest) luggage volume. In the 7-seater version, the luggage volume reaches 160 liters VDA and 3 liters VDA with the third row seats folded down. Thanks to the high (565 mm) and long deep (661 mm) structure of the trunk, families can easily fit the pram or children's bike by laying it flat and folding one of the 1.150rd row seats. They can also carry walking equipment, tools or pets by simply removing the 3rd row of seats. The luggage compartment has flexible straps and four lashing loops for easy and safe transport of various items. There is also a 3V socket in the trunk. The Dacia Jogger is also equipped with three hooks, two in the trunk and one on the front passenger side.


Dacia Jogger, depending on version; It is equipped with three different infotainment solutions: smart Media Control, which can be operated with or without a smartphone, an 8-inch touchscreen with Media Display, and Media Nav, which offers smartphone navigation and Wi-Fi screen mirroring.

The full-range infotainment system consists of two speakers, a smartphone holder integrated directly into the dashboard, Bluetooth, USB port and steering wheel controls. In addition, radio information is displayed on the 3,5-inch TFT digital display of the trip computer. The system offers even more possibilities when paired with a smartphone and the free Dacia Media Control app. The app uses the phone's GPS apps for navigation service and provides much easier access to other features such as radio, music, phone calls, messages and voice-activated assistance (Siri or Android). For a safer driving experience, the controls located on or just behind the steering wheel come into play.

The Media Display includes four speakers, a USB port and an 8-inch touchscreen that is driver-facing for better visibility and ergonomics. The intuitive and user-friendly interface offers Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility as well as Bluetooth. The all-new “Car” tab provides access to specific ADAS settings. Along with Media Nav, it provides in-car navigation and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The audio system has six speakers and two USB ports.

Dacia Jogger offers a rich level of connectivity with a smartphone holder, 3,5 inch TFT digital display and up to three 12 Volt sockets to charge electronic devices depending on the version. Steering controls for cruise control and speed limiter and automatic headlights are standard.

Dacia Jogger is available with additional optional equipment depending on the market in which it is sold. Heated front seats, automatic air conditioning with digital display, hands-free control that allows you to open the trunk remotely, and the headlight function that makes it easier to find your Dacia Jogger at night are some of them. It also has a rain sensor, electric parking brake, backup camera, blind spot warning and front/rear parking aids.


The Dacia Jogger is placed on a modern platform with a reinforced body and six airbags and is equipped with the latest driver assistance systems (ADAS) and safety features.

The CMF-B platform, first used in the New Sandero family, is at the center of Dacia's B and C segment product strategy. The Dacia Jogger has the width and versatility to match a C-segment vehicle. The aerodynamics of the car are supported by underbody fairings, controlled aerodynamic curtains and low friction balls to reduce drag.

Built on a modern platform, Dacia Jogger offers effective protection against impacts with its highly durable and robust structure. The body structure consists of a reinforced engine compartment (side pillars and subframe on the lower rail) and passenger compartment. Pressure sensors in the doors, paired with an accelerometer, enable early detection of side impacts and faster deployment of curtain and side airbags.

Active between 7 and 170 km/h, the system uses the front radar to measure the distance to vehicles moving ahead (between 7 and 80 km/h for stationary vehicles). When the system detects the possibility of a collision, it warns the driver visually and audibly, and then:

Automatically applies more force to the brakes if the driver does not brake sufficiently or

Active between 30 and 140 km/h, the system warns the driver of a possible collision with a vehicle coming from the side and/or from behind. Four ultrasonic sensors (two at the rear and two at the front) detect vehicles (including motorcycles) in the blind spots and warn the driver with an LED light in the respective side mirror.

The parking assist system uses four front and four rear ultrasonic sensors, a reversing camera and dynamic guide lines. It supports the driver with audio and visual cues to make maneuvers easier. This feature prevents the vehicle from going backwards for two seconds when the driver stops uphill and takes their foot off the brake and puts on the accelerator pedal to start again.

Dacia Jogger is also equipped with a new generation speed limiter and ESC as standard, with optional steering wheel-controlled cruise control in certain equipment levels.


Dacia Jogger offers an engine suitable for the needs of every family with its completely new 1.0 liter TCe 110 petrol and ECO-G 100 petrol/LPG dual fuel engine options. The engines are equipped with Start&Stop and are compatible with Euro 6D Full.

The Dacia Jogger is equipped with the new TCe 110 petrol engine, available with a six-speed manual transmission. The TCe 110 is a 1,0-litre, 3-cylinder, direct-injection turbo engine producing 110 horsepower (81 kW). The aluminum engine block brings a lighter structure. With a torque of 2900 Nm at 200 rpm, it is currently the most powerful engine offered with the Dacia Jogger.

The new TCe 110 also includes technical innovations that increase efficiency, improve fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. Variable valve timing, variable displacement oil pump and multiple high-efficiency equipment help increase performance and reduce fuel consumption. The integrated exhaust manifold, particulate filter and central injector help reduce CO2 emissions. With all the technologies, the TCe 110 engine provides the best driving experience and the best possible performance-fuel ratio.

Dacia is the only manufacturer to offer a petrol/LPG dual-fuel vehicle with the ECO-G label. Mounting these engines directly on the production line increases safety and reliability. Manufacturer's warranty period, maintenance cost, period and trunk capacity are the same as a conventional petrol engine (LPG tank is usually in the spare wheel well).

The ECO-G 100 engine demonstrates an extremely frugal structure with its 7,6 lt/100km* WLTP mixed fuel consumption (121 g CO2/km*). When using LPG, the Dacia Jogger's average CO2 emissions are 10% less than an equivalent petrol engine. In addition, it offers a maximum range of 40 km with two tanks, 50 liters of LPG and 1.000 liters of gasoline. Dacia uses the power of LPG for ease of use, more driving pleasure, lower CO2 emissions and longer range.


A hybrid version will be added to its product range in 2023, and the Dacia Jogger will be the first Dacia model with hybrid technology. Dacia Jogger will stand out as the most affordable 7-seater hybrid on the market.

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