Vertiv Opens New Factory In Croatia With An Investment Of 10 Million Euros!

Vertiv opens new factory in croatia with an investment of million euros
Vertiv opens new factory in croatia with an investment of million euros

10 million Euro investment will more than double the production capacity of prefabricated modular data centers in the EMEA region

Vertiv (NYSE: VRT), a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, announced today that it has opened a new factory in Rugvica, Croatia, to support its integrated modular solutions (IMS) business in the EMEA region. Compared to the previous factory, the new facility offers 130 percent more indoor space and 60 percent more open space and can be easily expanded to seize the opportunities of the rapidly growing prefabricated modular data center (PFM) market. The factory also includes a number of innovations for the construction of thermal management air handling units as well as PFM modules.

Vertiv opens new factory in croatia with an investment of million euros

“We hear a lot about IT trends and upcoming developments in technologies such as 5G, IoT and AI, but we don't know much about the innovative physical infrastructure behind it,” says Giordano Albertazzi, President of Vertiv Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Albertazzi continues: “We are seeing strong growth in the adoption of prefabricated modular solutions to support these new technologies. As the market leader, we invest in both capacity and innovation to continue to meet customers' needs and maintain our leading position in the market. This new facility ultimately means supporting our plans, ensuring the success of our EMEA operation and our global customers, and reflects our ongoing investments in the markets in which we operate. ”

“The Rugvica factory has all the latest technologies, manufacturing processes, tools and test laboratories,” says Viktor Petik, Vice President of Integrated Modular Solutions Vertiv EMEA, adding: “The facility is a bespoke data center from cable transit stations that power the internet and connect geographies. It was designed to provide a complete range of prefabricated modular solutions down to building blocks. The new factory demonstrates our commitment to growth and innovation. I am also proud to say that we have created 150 jobs in this region last year, mostly from engineering or qualified professionals. ”

Vertiv IMS Factory

Last year, Vertiv was named by technology analyst firm Omdia as one of the leading suppliers in the PFM data center market as the company with the second largest market share worldwide. The research highlights that opportunities such as the ability to scale with confidence have led to significant growth in the adoption of PFM solutions across all geographies. Omdia attributes this strong growth to factors such as scalability, the benefits of off-site manufacturing and integration, and speed of deployment.

Vertiv opens new factory in croatia with an investment of million euros

PFM data centers can come in many different forms with varying use cases, including IT, site-specific designs and all-in-one modules integrated with IT, energy and cooling infrastructure, and are widely used in education, industrial and healthcare applications, as well as in remote and harsh environments. The "plug-and-play" approach not only reduces start-up and commissioning time to several days rather than months or weeks, it also reduces the potential for quality issues as parts are pre-integrated and pre-tested off-site.

Vertiv's PFM designs include Vertiv ™ SmartMod ™, a fully independent, easily configurable and ready-to-order PFM range that enables rapid deployment of the new data center space, and Vertiv, an efficient, power-intensive critical infrastructure that can be quickly deployed as a stand-alone unit. It covers a range of different offerings to meet specific customer needs, such as the ™ Power Module. Vertiv also offers fully custom PFM solutions that include design, project management and system integration.

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