TAI Airbus A320 Section 19 Barrel Deliveries Continue

tusas carried out the third delivery of airbus
tusas carried out the third delivery of airbus

As Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), Airbus A2017 Section, which has been continuing with its superior quality performance and timely delivery since 320, made its 19th delivery under the 300 Barrel program.

The Section 19 Barrel unit produced by TAI separates the pressurized part of the plane from the unfilled part. Additionally Section 19; It integrates the important control surfaces of the aircraft such as the Horizontal Stabilizer, the Vertical Stabilizer and the Steering Wheel and the Altitude Rudder.

While TAI continues deliveries within the scope of Section 19 program, TUSAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil explained: “Our work in the structural field has reached a great cooperation with Airbus, our strategic partner since 2017. We continue to continue our deliveries by working like a bee in the works we undertake. The promises made about delivery schedules in the structural part in the international arena and especially in the aviation field are very important. While we are proud to realize these promises, today we have made our 19th delivery in the program we define as Section 300. I wholeheartedly congratulate all my colleagues who contributed to this occasion. "

The contract for the production of Section 319 of the Airbus Single Corridor (A320 / 321/19) aircraft at TAI was signed on April 29, 2015 with the participation of Airbus and TAI senior officials. Section 19 was produced as a panel to the Premium Aerotec Augsburg facility; The barrel is assembled and delivered to the RUAG Oberpfaffenhofen facility. The said Barrels are combined with Section 18 panels produced by TAI and sent to Airbus Hamburg FAL facilities.

TAI delivered the first structural body panels for AIRBUS A320 family

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has completed the modification and production of the first "Section-320" panels as the sole source for the A321XLR aircraft designed for long flights of the A18 family, the new generation passenger aircraft developed by AIRBUS, and shipped them.

TAI started in 1995 for the first time in the "Section-5" panels, which have completed the production and delivery of more than 18 thousand aircraft, and the first set of the modified "Section-321" panels, which have been re-reinforced by TAI, for the A18 XLR aircraft that allow much longer flights. completed its shipment.

Section 18, which is produced as a single source by TAI and refers to the part where the rear exit door of the aircraft is located, consists of 4 main panels, right-left and bottom-top, and 1 set panel contains a total of 1200 detail parts. TAI, which is the sole source producer of Section 320 for the new generation A18 family, will initially complete the production and ship the set of 5 aircraft.

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