Technology Alone Is Nothing, Human Is Everything

technology alone nothing is human everything
technology alone nothing is human everything

Lean Institute Turkey works to improve the quality of management in the traditional annual summit this year, "Human Resources" is holding contacts with the digital environment. At the summit, which started on April 8 and will last for 3 days, the future of human resources is discussed with the leading sector representatives in the organization of Lean Institute.

Our work, life, education systems, communication styles and habits are rapidly transforming. As humans, we are transforming and technology is refreshing in a dizzying way. On the agenda of the summit this year, Where does the relationship of the human being with himself and his work go ?, The human factor in the digitalizing world? What will happen to the “human” who creates artificial intelligence? How will we ensure the sustainability of human beings? How will the new organizations of the new world be managed, how is the leadership expected? It will include topics such as.

At the summit, Friday, April 9: 09.00 in the session will be held at 10.00, leading technology investors in Turkey from Tırport Chairman Dr. Akın Arslan and Tolga Görgülü, Human Resources Director of Oyak Renault Otomobil Fabrikaları A.Ş.

A technology startup can pass a $ 5 billion valuation within 6-1 years

Trikport President Dr. Akın Arslan will tell the following:

“The startup world is growing rapidly. The number of startups defined as "Unicorn" and exceeding a billion dollars valuation in the world has exceeded 700. In the first quarter of 2021, 21 more startups in Europe managed to cross the Unicorn threshold. One of them thankfully came from Turkey. Traditional companies that have existed for decades and employ thousands of people have begun to be replaced by technology Startups with only 3-5 years of history. Traditional companies and business models are completing their lives with fast pace. It's a dizzying experience these days. A technology startup that did not cost 5 thousand dollars 500 years ago can exceed 5 billion dollars in 6-1 years. A car company focused on purely electric cars and high driving technologies, can reach a much greater value than any traditional automobile giants with the attack it has made in fifteen years.

For technology employees, basic distinctive concepts such as time, place, race, culture, and education are also becoming global. The concepts of world citizenship and world market come to the fore. People residing in different countries can work in the same project group. We are learning to work together remotely for common purpose. Concepts such as project management have moved to a completely different dimension with the work management power provided by application technologies. Now, wherever an employee is in the world, you can instantly manage him and his work. You can hold meetings, interact with them, or even brainstorm with a group. Your work is not interrupted, speed increases with simultaneous engineering. Your operation logistics in Ghana, from Istanbul could execute u from the remote end, is able to organize micro-distribution in Paris, New Delhi, the marketing plan you will use next week in Turkey and can prepare your deployed teams in Ukranian, errors in your applications (bug to) can judge from Estonia .

You can manage all of these from wherever you are. All thanks to technology, but with your teams that use technology well. Employee quality comes to the fore, effective leadership as well. One of the most important responsibilities of the leader in technology startups is to ensure that the project runs in accordance with the project plan. Of course, in order to do this, he needs to form his team well, to know them closely, to have full knowledge of their competencies and to manage project milestones well. As a matter of fact, there is only one concept that will not change in our rapidly digitalizing world: Technology is nothing by itself, human is everything, ”he said.

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