Ministry of National Defense Responds to Retired Admirals Declaration! What is the Statement of Retired Admirals?

Ministry of National Defense responds to the declaration of retired admirals
Ministry of National Defense responds to the declaration of retired admirals

📩 05/04/2021 11:20

104 retired admirals issued a statement at midnight regarding the Montreux Straits Convention and the turbaned admiral, which has been on the agenda recently. Reactions from politicians to the midnight declaration of retired admirals were quick. In the statement made by the Ministry of National Defense, the expressions "We have full belief that the independent Turkish judiciary will do what is necessary" was used.

The Ministry of National Defense made the following statements in the statement:

1. Turkish Armed Forces; To protect our rights, interests and interests in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Libya, Eastern Mediterranean and many other geographies under the leadership of our President, contributing to regional and global peace and stability. While fighting more intensely and actively than ever before with great sacrifice and heroism to protect the rights and the law of our friends and brothers and sisters, publishing such a declaration will do nothing but harm our democracy, negatively affect the morale and motivation of the Turkish Armed Forces personnel and make our enemies happy. It is open. We firmly believe that the independent Turkish judiciary will do what is necessary.

2. Being aware of the gains and losses of international agreements, the Turkish Armed Forces cannot be used as a tool for the ambition, ambition and personal ambitions of any person or persons who do not have any duties and responsibilities.

3. The Turkish Armed Forces, which is inspired by the love, trust and prayer of our noble nation, from inside and outside, despite all kinds of mischief and destructive attempts; sovereignty, independence and the protection of our survivorship, rights, interests and interests, if I die with care and sensitivity, if I die, with heroism and sacrifice in the understanding of veteran.

4. With the treacherous coup attempt of July 15, despite internal and external strife and mischief, significant successes have been achieved, including the destruction of the terror corridor to be created in northern Syria, which disappointed our enemies.

5. Those who do not see and do not want to see the achievements of the Turkish Armed Forces, which are integrated with the Army, Navy and Air Forces, are those who become blinded by ambition, passion and envy.

6. The clearest indication that our heroic army is getting stronger is the operations performed successfully and the exercises that are increasing in number and scope. The operational activity we have dreamed of for many years has been achieved and the highest annual cruising time of all time has been achieved at sea.

7.The national, spiritual and professional values ​​that have flown from our glorious history of thousands of years, from Sultan Alparslan to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and the

Turkish Armed Forces;

  • As Atatürk stated, in the light of reason and science,
  • In the framework of the constitution
  • In line with the laws and the directives of our President,
  • Under the command and command of the line superiors and commanders,
  • It is always at the service of its nation, aware of its duties and responsibilities. Nobody should have doubts about this.

8. The biggest share in the success of the Turkish Armed Forces belongs to our saint martyrs and hero veterans. On this occasion, our saint martyrs; We remember once again with mercy and gratitude our heroic veterans who have passed into eternity, and offer our respect and gratitude to our surviving hero veterans and the precious families of our martyrs and veterans.


The declaration, signed by 103 retired admirals, included the following statements regarding the discussions on the Montreux Convention:

"To the Almighty Turkish Nation,

Recently, it is alarmed that the Montreux Convention has been opened for discussion within the scope of the authority to cancel both the Canal Istanbul and the International Treaties.

The Turkish Straits are one of the most important waterways in the world and have been governed by multinational treaties throughout history. The last of this treaty and the Montreux protect the rights of Turkey in the best way; Not only that governs the passage through the Turkish Straits, Turkey to Istanbul, Çanakkale, Marmara Sea and restoring full sovereignty over the Strait is a major diplomatic victory completed the Lausanne Peace Treaty. Montreux is the basic document of the security of the Black Sea riparian countries and is the contract that makes the Black Sea a sea of ​​peace.

Montreux, Turkey in any war is a contract that prevents unintentional war on the side of one of the warring parties. Montreux, Turkey II. It enabled him to maintain his neutrality in World War II. For these and similar reasons, an important place in Turkey's survival made to the discussion of the Montreux Convention / table that could lead to all kinds of discourse and we think that action should be avoided.

On the other hand; Some unacceptable images, news and discussions in the press and social media have been a source of deep sorrow for those of us who have devoted their lives to this profession. In recent years, TAF and especially our Naval Forces; It experienced a very deliberate attack by FETO and sacrificed its valuable staff to these treacherous conspiracies. The most important lesson to be learned from these calipers; It is a necessity for the TSK to diligently maintain the fundamental values ​​of the constitution, which cannot be changed and cannot be proposed to be changed.

For these reasons, we condemn our efforts to show our TSK and Naval Forces out of these values ​​and away from the contemporary route that Atatürk drew, and we oppose with all our existence. Otherwise, the Republic of Turkey, which are instances in history, will be able to encounter the most dangerous events, risks and threats to life and survival for the depressed.

It is essential to train the personnel of the Naval Forces Command, who have a glorious past that emerges from the bosom of the Turkish Nation and who are the protectors of the Mother and Blue Homeland, in line with Atatürk's principles and revolutions. We stand by our long-lasting Turkish Sailors who work devotedly in every corner of our country at sea, on land, in the air, in the internal security zone and beyond the border, and who work with heart and soul to protect our rights and interests in the Blue Homeland.

April 04 2021

We commemorate our Sea Martyrs and announce them with respect. "


  1. E. Admiral Ergun MENGİ
  2. E. Admiral Alaettin SEVIM
  3. E. Admiral Nazif ÖZDAĞDEVİREN
  4. E. Admiral Işık BİREN
  5. E. Admiral Ahmet ŞENOL
  6. E. Admiral Hasan HOŞGİT
  7. E. Admiral Vedat ERSİN
  8. E. Admiral Metin
  9. E. Admiral Atilla KEZEK
  10. E. Admiral Nurhan KAHYAOĞLU
  11. E. Admiral Önder ÇELEBİ
  12. E. Admiral Text POYRAZLAR
  13. E. Admiral Mücahit ŞİŞLİOĞLU
  14. E. Admiral Engin BAYKAL
  15. E. Admiral Hüseyin ÇİFTÇİ
  16. E. Admiral Atilla KIYAT
  17. E. Admiral Vehbi ALPMAN
  18. E. Admiral Celal PARLAKOĞLU
  19. E. Admiral Mustafa Ekmel ÖZDENGİL
  20. E. Admiral Serdar DÜLGER
  21. E. Admiral Abdullah METE
  22. E. Admiral Ertan DEMİRTAŞ
  23. E Admiral Orhun ÖZDEMİR
  24. E. Admiral Ersin GÜLER
  25. E. Admiral Nadir KINAY
  26. E. Admiral Hüseyin HOŞGİT
  27. E Admiral İlker GÜVEN
  28. E. Admiral Baha EREN
  29. E. Admiral Abdullah GAVREMOĞLU
  30. E. Admiral Şükrü BOZOĞLU
  31. E. Admiral Hakan ERCAN
  32. E. Admiral Mesut ÖZEL
  33. E. Admiral Taner EZGÜ
  34. E. Admiral İbrahim AKIN
  35. E. Admiral Ömer AKDAĞLI
  36. E. Admiral Mehmet OTUZBİROĞLU
  37. E. Admiral Taner BALKIŞ
  38. E. Admiral İzzet ARTUNÇ
  39. E. Admiral Hakan ERAYDIN
  40. E. Admiral Mehmet Ali ÇINAR
  41. E. Admiral Deniz DAĞLILAR
  42. E. Admiral Yalçın ERTUNA
  43. E. Admiral Türker ERTÜRK
  44. E. Admiral Aydin CANEL
  45. E. Admiral Sami ÖRGÜÇ
  46. E. Admiral Yalçın KAVUKÇUOĞLU
  47. E. Admiral Nazım ÇUBUKÇU
  48. E. Admiral Ahmet AKSOY
  49. E. Admiral Can ERENOĞLU
  50. E. Admiral Doğan HACİPOĞLU
  51. E. Admiral Abdullah AKGÜL
  52. E. Admiral Aziz ÖZTÜRK
  53. E.Amiral A. Serdar AKINSEL
  54. E. Admiral İlker GÜVEN
  55. E. Admiral Mustafa İPTEŞ
  56. E. Admiral Caner BENER
  57. E. Admiral Nejat BERKSUN
  58. E. Admiral Kadir SAGDIÇ
  59. E. Admiral Tayfun TANSAN
  60. E. Admiral İskender YILDIRIM
  61. E. Admiral Ali Yuksel ÖNEL
  62. E. Admiral Uğur YİĞİT
  63. E. Admiral Mustafa ÖZBEY
  64. E. Admiral Cem GÜRDENİZ
  65. E. Admiral Bülent BOSTANOĞLU
  66. E. Admiral Murat BILGEL
  67. E. Admiral Cengiz ALPÖZÜ
  68. E. Admiral Serdar Okan KIRÇİÇEK
  69. E. Admiral Tufan MİMİR
  70. E. Admiral Turgut TUFAN
  71. E. Admiral Turhan OZER
  72. E. Admiral Alper TEZEREN
  73. E. Admiral Mustafa ÜLTANUR
  74. E. Admiral Ruhsar SUMER
  75. E. Admiral Cemal ÜREN
  76. E. Admiral Gündüz Alp DEMİRUS
  77. E. Admiral Deniz CORA
  78. E. Admiral Gürkan İNAN
  79. E. Admiral Atilla TONGUÇ
  80. E. Admiral Mustafa KARASABUN
  81. E. Admiral Erol YÜKSEL
  82. E. Admiral Özbek GÜRGÜN
  83. E. Admiral Bulent OLCAY
  84. E. Admiral Nejat GÜLDİKEN
  85. E. Admiral Turgay ERDAĞ
  86. E. Admiral İsmail TAYLAN
  87. E. Admiral Aydin GÜRÜL
  88. E. Admiral Raif NALDEMİR
  89. E. Admiral Numan ALANSAL
  90. E. Admiral Tanzar DİNÇER
  91. E. Admiral Erol ADAYENER
  92. E. Admiral Haluk Sayın
  93. E. Admiral Ferhat FERHANOĞLU
  94. E. Admiral Mehmet Ali ÖZGÜVEN
  95. E. Admiral Ali Sadi ÜNSAL
  96. E. Admiral Doğan DENİZMEN
  97. E. Admiral Taner AKKAYA
  98. E. Admiral Necati KURT
  99. E. Admiral Tayfun URAZ
  100. E. Admiral Engin HEPER
  101. E. Admiral Hayati Bilgiç
  102. E. Admiral Hasan Nihat DOĞAN
  103. E. Admiral Ömer Bayram ÇETİN
  104. E. Admiral Mithat Kemal ALGÜL

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