Mars Helicopter Ingenuity Makes Its First Flight

mars helicopter ingenuity made its first flight
mars helicopter ingenuity made its first flight

The Mars helicopter Ingenuity was the first vehicle to fly in a controlled manner on an extraterrestrial planet. Mars rover Perseverance sent by NASA successfully landed on the surface of Mars on February 18, 2021. The Mars helicopter Ingenuity, stored inside the Mars rover Perseverance, was first successfully dropped on the surface of Mars. Various ground tests were carried out after the 1.8 kilogram Mars helicopter Ingenuity, which was designed for a one-month service life, was released to the surface.

In the first engine start test, he rotated his propellers 55 times per minute. A software error was detected in the test before the first flight. It was announced by the engineers of Mars helicopter Ingenuity that the software error was in the part to put the helicopter into fast mode. The error was fixed in a short time with the backup software.

On April 19, 2021, at 12.33 Mars time, the Mars helicopter flew in Ingenuity controlled manner. The helicopter was the first vehicle to fly in a controlled manner on an extraterrestrial planet. On its first flight, it flew autonomously at an altitude of 3 meters for approximately 40 seconds. It also rotated 360 degrees around in flight, collecting data for the next flight test. Approximately 3 hours after the flight test, the first images reached Earth. 5 flight tests are planned for the Mars helicopter Ingenuity. However, Ingenuity's engineers stated that they plan to push the helicopter to its limits with the success of these tests.

The data from the Mars helicopter Ingenuity was first transmitted to Mars rover Perseverance. When the MRO satellite orbiting Mars with the navigator reached the appropriate position, the data were transferred to various deep space antennas on Earth. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) held a press conference with the arrival of the first images. Mars helicopter Ingenuity, developed by Wright Brothers controlled for the first time it was likened to a flying airplane in a way.

First flight area on Mars: Wright Brothers Field

NASA Science Deputy Thomas Zurbuchen about the flight and the place where the flight is made,

“Now, 117 years after the Wright brothers managed to make the first flight on our planet, NASA's Ingenuity helicopter has achieved this amazing feat on another planet. These two important moments in aviation history were made at a distance of 288 million kilometers. But now they will be connected forever. In homage to the two innovative bike manufacturers, it will be known as Wright Brothers Field. "

made statements. A piece of fabric used in the plane where the Wright Brothers made their first controlled flight was placed on the Mars helicopter Ingenuity.

Håvard Grip, Captain Pilot of the Mars helicopter Ingenuity, announced that the flight code used in the aircraft was officially given to Ingenuity. The code given by the International Civil Aviation Organization to the Mars helicopter Ingenuity was specified as IGY.

Source: defenceturk

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