Koru Hospital Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sonel Heart Center Opened!

Koru Hospital Prof Dr Ahmet Sonel Heart Center was opened
Koru Hospital Prof Dr Ahmet Sonel Heart Center was opened

Professor of Cardiology. Dr. Ahmet Sonel's name will live in Koru Hospital. Professor of cardiology science. Dr. Ahmet Sonel's name was given to Koru Hospital Heart Center. "I am happy to see that all of what I thought would be difficult to access in Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery was carried out in this Center." said Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sonel described what has been done in electrophysiology as the outstanding procedures that the whole world wants to reach.

Prof. Dr. In addition to Ahmet Sonel, Ankara University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Serdar Öztürk also attended.

"I see the transformation in Turkey is far from over"

Prof. Dr. In his speech at the ceremony ahmet Sonel he has shared a moment in returning to Turkey from the United States; "America from returning to Turkey Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Haig was given special permission by the green card. Turkey was forced to go without giving a card Permissions stay in the US. Despite this, I chose to come to my country. Why did you come to Turkey to say who it was. Today I live in a day that feels that transformation is very appropriate. In this period of my life, I am living one of the most honorable and happiest days. " said.

"The outstanding transactions that the world wants to reach"

Drawing attention to the fact that he sees very successful segments in the segments that show the performance of cardiac surgery that go beyond the points that his vision wants to reach, Prof. Dr. Sonel continued his words as follows; “I am happy to see that all cardiac procedures, electrophysiological studies, open and closed cardiac surgery, the points that I would like to see in vascular surgery techniques and that I think it would be difficult to reach the modern points, are performed in this center. The processes carried out in this electrophysiology are the outstanding procedures that the whole world wants to reach. "

Prof. dr. One, "We serve in an academic structure," Chairman of the Board of Koru Health Group Prof. Dr. Hasan Biri stated that the Heart Center provides services in a highly academic structure with 5 professors, 2 associate professors and 2 specialist physicians and nearly 40 employees, as well as 2 angio units, electrophysiology laboratory and sub-breakdowns. Prof. Dr. Expressing that Ahmet Sonel's doctors trained in many countries of the world, especially Turkish medicine, Prof. Dr. Hasan Biri said, "It will be a process where we will see the name of our teacher and live it every day in our institution." said.

Prof. Dr. Who is Ahmet Sonel: After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine in 1954, Sonel worked at Cornell University in New York in 1965 at Indiana University in 1972. He served at the Higher Education Institution until 1980. He served as a member of the Middle East Board of Trustees. Sonel, who started to work as the Dean of Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in 1981, was elected as the Head of Cardiology Department in 1982. In 1985, he carried out the name and opening of the İbni Sina Hospital. He then founded Cebeci Cardiology Hospital. Dr. Ahmet Sonel has his signature in all the developments of the Cardiology Department in our country.

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